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New Jersey Harvest

Started by The Wolfhound, November 02, 2017, 10:55:30 AM

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The Wolfhound

It is Harvest Time in Virginia and New Jersey!  What would an Appleseeder wish to harvest?  Coroplast!
Those lovely 4x8 sheets used as campaign signs will render 6 beautiful weatherproof 32 inch by 24 inch target backers.  As an added bonus, they are often deployed with steel fence posts that can help support a target line.  You are likely seeing them everywhere.  Reach out to the local campaign offices and request permission to harvest this resource once Election Day has passed by.  Offer your free service to assist in taking down their campaign signs at no charge.  Assure them that you are part of a 501 c3 Educational Non-Profit Organization as we are. I like to use the terms ruse and repurpose in my pitch.  With permission in hand, go forth and harvest.  The irony of shooting the signage of an anti-gun candidate may well be yours to enjoy.  The hours and mileage utilized in this effort can be applied to your taxes as a donation.  Reap what you can.

Nashville Stage

Those are excellent ideas and tips; thanks! I'll keep them in mind next time my area has an election.
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