We need volunteers in sales, marketing, PR, IT, and general "running of an organization."  Maximize your Appleseed energy to make this program grow, and help fill the empty spots on the firing line!  An hour of time spent at this level can have the impact of ten or a hundred hours on the firing line.  Want to help? Send a PM to Monkey!

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Opportunity to spread the word

Started by The Wolfhound, June 27, 2017, 02:46:23 PM

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The Wolfhound

The NRA Range in Fairfax is asking us (yes, they like us that much) to come out and man an Appleseed information table at the Car Show, September 24th, 2017.  The whole gig is 6 hours from 9 to 3.  I was there last year and the Car Show has a lot of cool rides.  If you have not seen NRA National Firearms Museum, it is a must!  I would like to have a couple of folks scheduled to be up there to present who and what we are.  Last year there was a swag bag and it had over $100.00 worth of goodies.  No promises, but I have never been opposed to receiving freebies.  I am likely available.  Anybody else?

The Wolfhound

If you are going to come out to help, I need to know and I need to know your shirt size.  National is going to provide matching shirts for the crew.  Please respond in the Virginia version of this thread so I only have to look in one place.  Deadline August 20, 2017  Many thanks!