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Lewiston, ID May 6/7, 2017 AAR
« on: May 09, 2017, 12:36:33 AM »
This was the first event I have been able to run in Idaho since moving to the state.   I am so happy and fortunate that I was able to relocate my family to this great state, and I am looking forward to working many events in the years to come.

We had a great group of participants at the event this last weekend, ranging in age from 72 to 8.   Everyone came with the desire to improve their rifleman skills and get reconnected to the heritage of our country.   America has a very unique history, and it is wonderful that people are coming to AS events to re-live the events of the foundation of our country.

We had a small but intimate group of 7 shooters.  I love working these smaller events, as it allows me to connect with the participants and to get to know the participants and learn why they came to an AS event.

We made two new rifleman this last weekend, Mike and Tadd.   Congratulations to our new rifleman!   I knew I was going to hand out a few patches once they started shooting the sighter squares.   Mike attended an AS Patriot's Day event two week prior to this event.  He confessed that he did not do all that well at his first event, but practiced all the techniques he was taught and came to the Lewiston event and shot his rifleman score.   Tadd has prior military experience, so he already had some good rifle skills.  He needed some coaching to improve his trigger control and then was able to shrink his group size and earn the rifleman patch.

Jesse shot his high score on the last AQT of Sunday at 206.  He had 3 round that were out of the targets and did not score.   With just a little more practice to perfect your NPOA shifts, you will be earning your patch.   Hope to see you at the next Lewiston event.

Paul, I suspect that you are having issues with the internal components of your scope.  I would recommend looking for a replacement, and I expect that your accuracy will increase dramatically.   You positions and trigger control looked good.   Remember to practice NPOA shifts on the comfort of your living room floor.   It is easy to get the shifts perfected if you practice a couple time per weeks.

Everyone else just needs to remember to practice, practice, practice.   Read the handout sheets and get a laser bore sighter to help with shooting drills.   The laser pointer can help with the steady hold factors, trigger control and NPOA shifts. 

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at another AS event in Idaho!
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