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Appleseed Project Patch
« on: April 21, 2017, 12:13:31 AM »
I know there are a number of nice Appleseed Patches available to those who qualify and some that are available at the AS store.  I have to  wonder why there is not an Appleseed Project Patch?   I have seen decals showing the Red Coat and Appleseed Project.  Wouldn't it  be nice to have an Appleseed Project patch that everyone could sew onto a shirt, coat, or other garment?  Maybe someone will direct this post to someone who could  make it happen. 

Appleseed is a great organization but it suffers greatly from a publicity standpoint.  It is very rare when I meet people at my home range who have ever heard of Appleseed Project. Maybe there should be an effort to have an Appleseed Project Poster of maybe even a flag made available to EVERY public/private shooting range.
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