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Late May Massachusetts Events
« on: April 03, 2017, 11:40:14 AM »
May 27th: one day full distance event at Granby. Bring your zeroed centerfire rifle and qualify at 400 yards. And beyond.  :snipersmi

May 20th: one day high-round-count event at Harvard. A tune-up-Seed for Granby. Bring your zeroed centerfire rifle for a shakeout day.  %)

May 21st: come walk Battle Road with us. See the sights, hear the stories, feel the weight of history.  :F

The former event has limited attendance - register early! The latter event is a free, non-shooting event, with registration encouraged. As for the Goldilocks event in the middle...

   If you shot rifleman and need a second event before stepping up as an instructor, this event is for YOU!  @)
   If you want to spend the day in the company of great people and clouds of powder smoke, this event is for YOU! :~
   If you are ready to step up to a real caliber (with ammo you can find on the shelves of your local big-box store), this event is for YOU!  :---
   If you want to be challenged to shoot tighter groups, faster courses of fire, and RUN everywhere, this event is for YOU!  &)
   If you want to improve your shooting and help out your neighbors on the firing line, this event is for YOU!  O0
   If you always thought that I talk slow and want to hear me talk REALLY fast, then this event is definitely for YOU!  ~~:)

I am running out of smileys here, so join us at the range before I am forced to resort to emojis!