Author Topic: Cold Weather Appleseeds  (Read 878 times)

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Cold Weather Appleseeds
« on: December 30, 2008, 04:18:05 PM »
In the AAR section, there was a discussion of how cold it got in Alamogordo, followed by the usual "If you think that's cold, up here...." and so on.
Looking over the schedule for January, it appears all but two of the grand total of 8 are in more temperate climes.
Now, El Paso will be windy and about 40 during the day, but that's why it's "The Pass"- you avoid the snow or whatever that white stuff is. Boulder City is downright freezing. But I don't hear any whimpers from anyone there or El Paso. The remainder are the garden spots- Davilla(TX), Florida, California, North Carolina.
Guess they can only teach warm weather shooting there.
Places elsewhere in the US must have decided to hibernate until spring thaw.

Ramseur, NC--January 3 & 4
Myakka, FL--January 10 & 11
Davilla, TX--January 10 & 11 
Boulder City, NV --January 17 & 18
Piru, CA--January 17 & 18
El Paso, TX--January 17& 18
Sacramento, CA--January 17& 18 
Hernando County, FL --January 31 & Feb 1
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Re: Cold Weather Appleseeds
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2008, 08:12:02 PM »
From the weather channel for January:

Ramseur, NC--January 3 & 4                     avg high around 50 and avg low around 30
Myakka, FL--January 10 & 11                    avg high around 75 and avg low around 50
Davilla, TX--January 10 & 11                     avg high around 58 and avg low around 36
Boulder City, NV --January 17 & 18            avg high around 53 and avg low around 38
Piru, CA--January 17 & 18                        avg high around 65 and avg low around 36
El Paso, TX--January 17& 18                     avg high around 57 and avg low around 33
Sacramento, CA--January 17& 18              avg high around 55 and avg low around 41
Hernando County, FL --January 31 & Feb 1  avg high aorund 75 and avg low around 44

On the other hand, some places I've lived:
Sault Ste. Marie, MI                                avg high around 21 and avg low around 4
Minot, ND                                              avg high around 18 and avg low aorund 1
Rantoul, IL                                            avg high around 32 and avg low around 18
Quinwood, WV                                       avg high around 35 and avg low around 15

Holy cow!!  The avg lows in the Appleseed locations are higher than the avg highs in those places I lived as a kid.  Probably not much different than many of the other locations in the north central and north east parts of the country.

If physical hardship makes it harder for folks to stay concentrated and focused on the message it looks like we ought to be having lots of Appleseeds south of the Mason-Dixon and try to move the focus on increased Appleseeds northerly as the weather warms up.