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Known Distance Eagle Creek, 3/10 & 11 2017

Started by Kimber Custom, March 07, 2017, 04:17:58 PM

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Kimber Custom

Backers are prepped, COI is written, 8" gong is ready to go... KD in 3 day's. Bring your wet gear.

Kimber Custom

Man, do I love KD! We didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted us to; guess that means next year it will have to be a 3 day event!

3 shooters hit the cold bore shot on Friday - 8!!! hit it on Saturday  :bow:

9 KD Riflemen  ^:)^

Weather was ideal on Friday with a few bouts of sunshine on Saturday. Too bad the ground was so saturated. You needed a snorkel on the 400 yard line. 6 shooters with lakeside views didn't get much coaching at 400.

What inspired me the most was the shooters attitudes throughout the event. When we ran late - everyone was in. When we fell back to 500 and 600 - 15 shooters went with us.

This was the first time we did a Fri/Sat and I'd say it was a success.

Thank you all for coming out. Next KD opportunity will be a qualification in July.

See you on the line.

Here are a few pictures I took:

whit missed the best KD yet.

So impressed with the attendance and the commitment of the shooters.  We recognized faces from many past events.

Huzzah to the new long range Riflemen.

Kimber......Colonel Morgan owes you for the 11 new recruits.



Some photos to prove we did it.

Notice the beautiful sunshine as well as the tiny targets off in the distance.


Huzzah! Great work and persistence by all concerned, and I recognize a couple of those faces from WA shoots this year. I hoped to shoot this one myself but I couldn't take Friday off (and then spent Saturday shooting a personal worst offhand in our local highpower match). At least the weather wasn't all bad, based on Whit's photos.

CH Bob

Thanks to all our instructors for a great shoot.  Thanks to Whit for finding my shots I lost on the backer.  Thanks to all the shooters who came and made the "hay rides" entertaining.  Thanks for my Morgan's patch!  Thanks to W. for the suppressor demo.

It was great getting on paper at 600yds.  Good DOPE for my log.

Chris, I washed your business card, but I got your contact info from Rich.  He laughed and laughed when I called him.