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Started by The Old Guide, February 27, 2017, 09:27:20 PM

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The Old Guide

Take a look at our new front page. As my old door gunner said on occasion:

"Out friggin standing, Sir!" (or similar words)

This was obviously done by a professional advertising agency and it is WELL DONE!

If you have not signed up for our Winterseed, please do so. Also our memorial weekend which is on April 22/23 this year, (closest weekend to April 19.)

Hawklady has been practicing - in Alaska - at 1,000 yards - and scoring hits - at 1,000 yards! I would say that is good prep work for our Winterseed on March 18/19 at Monmouth
Our history is not a list of dates and places. It is a dynamic adventure of freedom and individual courage.

Crak's IBC, August 2010.
Fred's AIBC, April 2011
kDan's IBC, March 2012
Northeast SC Confab, Feb. 13

Marquis de M

I agree that the webpage now looks up to date in style...! Just one thought, maybe remove the image of the cartridge at very top of page?
Did have to hunt for some time to get to the Forums link :(

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