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Flirida IBC
« on: December 23, 2008, 04:05:43 PM »
Lady Liberty is Calling!

Florida's first Instructor Boot Camp (IBC) for 2009 is just about set in stone. I wanted to wait until it it 100% certain, but Lady Liberty has little patients these days, and so I will post it now.

The purpose of an IBC is to afford men and women who have the "need to seed" a chance to effect a positive change in their country, by becoming RWVA instructors. This is one of the new two-day IBCs - so no shooting is involved, but all must bring a rifle for modeling and other purposes. This course is not for "couch-lovers". This will be the real deal, with a Master Instructor (MI) in charge. Two long days of intense instruction by one of the RWVA's finest.

MI - "DragonWood" has agreed to come down and show us the right way to pass on the tradition! This is the person that got me into all of this in the first place (she was Shoot Boss at my second event and invited me to instruct). She is tops and was my first choice for a MI. She is tough, but fair, and is a very fine instructor.

When: January 29th and 30th. (preceding the Jan 31 / Feb 1 event)
Where: Hernando Sportsman's Club
How much: The cost is $70.00 for both days, plus range fees ($12.00 per day)

So, PM me if you are up to the challenge! I know that we are all very busy with the holidays, but remember Tyranny never sleeps and Freedom is not free. The good ship "Titanic" is taking on water fast - she needs more people to bail right now. How do we git more folks to bailin? We git more folks instructing!

Appleseeding is my proudest accomplishment to date - truly. Please consider joining me and my fellow Appleseeders in paying the debt we owe to the Founders forward by passing on their traditions and their love of Liberty - become an RWVA instructor.

Class size is limited - so let me know who is in ASAP (several slots are already taken by former attendees who have stepped up to serve). could just relax and stay on that nice warm couch and let someone else worry over your Freedom. A few adult beverages will surely kill the pain of remorse. Your kids and grandkids will understand right?  !@#)


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