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Time to Start Booking 2017 Events
« on: September 14, 2016, 02:32:40 PM »
Hi Team!

As we head into the last quarter of 2016 it is time for us to start planning and booking 2017 events. Several states (e.g., IN, OH, TX) already have 2017 events scheduled.

The FAQ with info on the Host App has been updated at:

Long story short - if a range already has a host app on file then they are good to go. You do not need to fill out a new one each year. UNLESS something called Additional Insured is needed by the range. That isn't usually the case though.
If you are making an Additional Insured request please make sure that you have the below information.  Please do not wait until the last moment to make the request and include both WHYWON and EROYLE on the request.

E-mail Address of the Individuals making the request:

Forum name of the Individuals making the request:

Range Information

Name of Host Range:
Name of Range Contact Person:    
Physical Address of the range:
Mailing address of the range:
Dates of all events scheduled for that range:

E-mail address of the individuals to receive copies of the certificate.  This should include the requester.

Thank you


And the host app is much shorter now. It just gets the ball rolling. When entering the EIP is when we start requiring more data which we rely on the person working with the club to obtain.

Also, please read this:;topicseen

For planning purposes, please note the following holidays

Holidays and Observances:
Jan 1   New Year's Day
Jan 2   'New Year's Day' observed
Jan 16   Martin Luther King Day
Feb 14   Valentine's Day
Feb 20   Presidents' Day
Apr 15-16   Easter Weekend
Apr 16   Easter Sunday
Apr 22-23   Patriot’s Day Weekend Observed
May 13-14   Mother's Day Weekend
May 14   Mother's Day
May 27-29   Memorial Day Weekend
May 29   Memorial Day
Jun 17-18   Father's Day Weekend
Jun 18   Father's Day
Jul 4   Independence Day
Sep 2-4   Labor Day Weekend
Sep 4   Labor Day
Oct 9   Columbus Day (Most regions)
Oct 13   US Navy Birthday
     (promote to Fleet Reserve Association, Sea Cadet, active duty Sailors and other Naval Veterans organizations)
Oct 31   Halloween
October/ November – Be aware of opening day of hunting season and plan an AS before
Nov 10   Marine Corps Birthday
     (promote to Marine Corps Leagues, Young Marines, active duty Marines and other Marine Veterans organizations)
Nov 11   Veterans Day
Nov 23-26   Thanksgiving Day Weekend
Nov 23   Thanksgiving Day
Nov 27 –Dec 13   Anniversary of the ‘Frozen Chosin’
     (promote to Marine Corps Leagues, Young Marines, active duty Marines and other Marine Veterans organizations)
Dec 24   Christmas Eve
Dec 25   Christmas Day
Dec 31   New Year's Eve
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