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Attention Vermont... We (May) have an Event....

Started by Grumpy1, August 24, 2016, 09:37:52 PM

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We are currently planning a two day event at Proctor Vermont, for the weekend of October 22-23. We are cuurent waiting on a few issues, before putting it up for Registration.( we will know for sure in less than three weeks)

I was reminded  O0 that this prime leaf season, and hotels are going to be in short supply, prices also rise.

If this sounds like it interests you.... Please take appropriate measures, and make sure you have the availability  to cancel your reservation, if things don't work out....

Any questions, send me a PM
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 Hope this all works out.  O0

Way to go CPR to a State that surely needs to be brought back to life. 

We'll be waiting to see that "MAY" disappear.  :pop:



If I can remember how, I'll sign up to instruct! And try and see if my wife, Luv2BFree, can get the weekend off so she can help, too!

Anyone tell Nickle about this?
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