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NJ - PA - Question

Started by scuzzy, July 15, 2016, 04:53:55 PM

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OK - It's hard keeping track of gun laws in all 57 states.

I received this email, pasted below, who can answer it? I'll send you Karen's email address if you'd like to answer her directly.

I live in NJ and was wondering if you need a gun license to participate in these events. Also, which would you sign up for if you had a 22 and wanted to practice shooting that? The closest even looks like Elverson PA or Audubon Pa. What event would suit what I am looking for? Thank you.Karen
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Charles McKinley

Welcome Karen,

If you legally owns the .22 in NJ there is no issue bringing it to PA and long as you obeys all NJ laws in doing so.   This is not legal  advise blah blah blahhhhhh.

Which event, the soonest or closest.  The Shootboss customizese the event benefit the students regardless of their skill level.

Have a great time,

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The nj state police have a page for this.  Follow directions.

No second chances, no joke.


All NJ laws must be met, being the person is a NJ resident.  This includes all the arcane NJ gun laws, too. 

For example, an old Marlin Model 60 .22 LR rifle with the 18 round tubular magazine would be illegal.  A newer Marlin Model 60 with a NJ compliant tubular magazine capacity would be fine.  Now.  This may change, soon.

Insertable magazines holding more than 10 rounds are a problem in NJ, too.

Also, even magazines not inserted may not have ammunition stored in them, even though this is allowed by federal law.  ALL magazines must be unloaded, and stored separately, too, and never inserted in a magazine well, contrary to federal law allowances.  State law governs the definition of unloaded, not federal law.

Also, there are local PA arcane gun laws in and around Philly that, if you happen to go through that particular area, also apply.  Middle to western PA does not have these local arcane gun laws to worry about. 

Also, if you are driving an automobile with out of state plates, you can be subjected to searches on the side of the road, with everything spread out, if you happen to hold a CCW license, even if not carrying any CCW firearms.  If you happen to be driving a rental with FL plates, for example, this routinely happens in NJ as well as eastern PA, and all of MD. 

The issue is the so-called "Iron Pipeline."

If you have NJ plates, this FL license plate shakedown practice is not an issue.

As StevenK said, no second chances, no joke.  Make absolutely certain that you are NJ compliant.  And, local PA compliant, too, if planning on going through the Philly area.
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