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Hello CO. Below is an email I received. I did respond to the lady and told her it would probably be best to just attend a currently scheduled event. If any of you are near Ft. Collins and would like to help out let me know.

  I first reached out to you via the Project Appleseed website in March 2016 and at that time you put me in touch with Jim and Kim Heath who asked me to get back in touch with them a few months closer to the date of my event. I have since reached out to them and they said the new contact here in Colorado is Rich Trow. 
  Can you help me reach an appropriate contact in my state of Colorado so we may inquire about the possibility of a workshop prior to our Annual Turkey Shoot?  We will hold this event on November 13, 2016.
  Any help would be appreciated!
  Kind regards,
  Rose Long Development Coordinator Ridgeview Classical Schools
1800 S. Lemay Avenue  Ft. Collins 
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