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« on: March 16, 2016, 06:29:32 AM »
My company asked me to help with a project in Budapest, Hungary. I landed here 2nd March and my first meeting was two days later, Friday the 5th. And, during that meeting, I managed to teach an abbreviated inches-minutes-clicks module to my Hungarian coworkers. One of my proudest moments. A few more details follow.

It was our first meeting, an introduction and planning session. We were going around the table, getting acquainted, and they were asking me questions about my career and pastimes. They took great interest when I told them I'm a firearms instructor. So the questions took a turn down that path. "What guns do you use?" "How accurate?" "How far?" seemed the perfect opportunity to explain, even more concisely than I would at a shoot, what a minute of angle is and how accurate I would expect them to be from a field position. Given Hungary's past century of history, I felt it prudent to leave out the line "a communist is about 20 inches wide."  :))
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Re: Budapest
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Awesome! O0
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Re: Budapest
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Very cool!  I'd love to make it over that way one of these days. 

I hope you enjoyed it and got to do some vacationing and sight seeing along with all the work!

We might need to say 3 MOA for a Communist.  They get a lot skinnier after they run out of other people's stuff. 
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