Author Topic: CSD Range in Carson Closed by County.  (Read 549 times)

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CSD Range in Carson Closed by County.
« on: December 14, 2015, 03:39:54 PM »
CSD Range Carson, NM 27 acres private land is now closed.
Thanks to a bunch of whiney tories who are threatened by the fact some of us are more capable of being self sufficient than them neighbors
 who want revenge because the landowner uncovered a scam involving illegal use of food bank items that were supposed to go towards
the poorer residents of Carson.

Apparently there was a lack of communication between county officials and range owner.
Now the county wants an archeological, environmental, watershed and engineering reports, ADA wheelchair access (over a lava flow  no less :))
 before the range can be used for "public use".
Even though it will only be used for Appleseed events-the "public use" part.

We got about 6 shoots done here IIRC.
Family and friends are good to go/shoot on private land. ;)

Stay tuned, it is not over yet.
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