Author Topic: Appleseed promo booth, St. Helens, August 8th  (Read 573 times)

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Appleseed promo booth, St. Helens, August 8th
« on: July 13, 2015, 03:04:56 PM »
The St. Helen's girls softball team will be having their annual .50 BMG raffle / range day on Saturday, August 8th.   There are still raffle tickets available if you have not picked one up yet.   With the purchase of a raffle ticket, you also get to shoot 1 round out of the .50 cal Barrett they are raffling.   The raffle is scheduled for 5pm, but there will people showing up all day to shoot their round.  This year, they have 4 raffle prizes: the .50 BMG, a .338 Lapua, an AR-10 and a .45 Kimber.

We plan on having an AS booth during the day, along with some other vendors.   If you are free to come up and assist with the booth, let me know and we can work out a schedule.

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Re: Appleseed promo booth, St. Helens, August 8th
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2015, 05:47:30 PM »
I'll be at the day at the range event. I'm not available for the 15th libertyseed.