Author Topic: To the Wisconsin team for Patriots Day weekend!  (Read 330 times)

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To the Wisconsin team for Patriots Day weekend!
« on: April 20, 2015, 11:21:37 AM »
What an incredible effort by our Wisconsin team to fill the lines!   I want to thank each and every one of you for spending your weekend giving back to our country.  What we passed on to our participants is priceless and couldnt have been done without you!  I saw some incredible perserverence in getting the lines filled all across the state!  Many rifleman were made, and many more got a great start and a desire to continue their journey to becoming rifleman (and plenty who never thought that they would want to continue on this path so eagerly!).  Several new orange hats and even a Blue hat joined our  team too!   Thank you again for the most special of weekends!

1st Appleseed - Osage Beach MO, 4/17/10- special thanks to Longshot, ThorsHammer, and JungleGeorge
2nd Appleseed - Lodi WI - Rifleman/Orange Hat 4/17/11 - special thanks to Dragonfly, Mr. Natural, Lady Vetch, and Trisha
IT1 - Hubertus WI, 5/7/11
IT2 - Racine WI, 6/11/11
IT3 - Suamico WI, 6/18/11
IT4 - Racine WI 8/7/11     ***KD Rifleman*** special thanks to Colycat and JoeZ
Red Hat - Hubertus 8/13/11
Shoot Boss - Lodi WI 6/10/12  *thanks to all I have learned/stolen from on my journey* Special thanks to Dfly and Coly *
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