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Horrible Histories Georgian Army clip

Started by Weezer, March 24, 2015, 11:01:40 PM

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My kids get a kick out of the Horrible Histories DVDs and when I saw this one, I thought Appleseeders' kids might like it.   A funny clip about a regular bloke joining the British army - the best part is that they show precisely how the Redcoats shot a Brown Bess (or, more to the point, how not to).   Enjoy.
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We should remember that the British had Riflemen as well. They too had fought on the frontiers. Ferguson fought with riflemen right up until his death at Kings Mountain. Heck he invented one of the first breach loaders.

It is also important that we remember a number of the Victories of the colonies came from not following British military doctrine. When they did follow it, they tended to wind up less successful. These victories at Saratoga, Cow Pens and Kings Mountain, required different tactics than standing toe to toe with the British and exchanging fire until one side or the other ordered a bayonet and Cavalry charge.
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