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Volunteers Needed for the NRAWC Adventure Camp June 9 to July 10th, 2015.

Started by TaosGlock, January 12, 2015, 05:52:02 PM

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I know you are all busy with the mission, but for those who have a few weeks to spare....

It is that time of the year again where I ask all my Appleseed brethern to see if any of you are interested in joining NRA Whittington Center staff  and I in volunteering at the Whittington Center Adventure Camp. Posterity ages are 13-17 years old. We are building leaders with these young adults.

This year we are looking for:
2-3 Transportation Drivers  (all you need is a license)
1 Shotgun Asst Instructor
1 Muzzle-loader Assistant Instructor

The camp dates are:
June 9th-July 10th

Transportation to Raton, New Mexico, housing and all meals are provided. A small $200
stipend is paid to all staff for personal items.
(Head Transportation is allowed mileage if they drive, other positions are paid to fly
in to Colorado Springs where they are picked up)
You need to be there by June 1 or so for a week long staff orientation and at that time you (we do as a group)
will do a mandatory 1 basic day First Aid class/CPR and get your cert card.

We work hard literally from sun up to sun down, but have a great time.
And it ain't about the shooting either, although we shoot a MRAD 338L and a 50 BMG to 1000 yards every other night! :~
Plenty time for personal shooting on one of the most beautiful and comprehensive ranges in the world!
The ADVC Family is a very tight knit group.  These are people, like Appleseeders, who will remain in your life forever!
Contact me here or thru the Appleseed PM box.

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Adventure Camp Director/Current Lead Rifle Instructor: NRA WC Raton,NM
New Mexico's first Rifleman: Sept. 2008 NRAWC
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This looks like an amazing opportunity for kids and volunteers!  Anyone have any experience with it?  I'd like to add it to my list of "Shooting opportunities beyond scouting" for the kids that go through my rifle and shotgun merit badge course.  I'll have to go to the link and watch the YouTube videos when I'm not at work.  Good idea, bad idea, thoughts?