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Break out them M-1s! M-1 only match in Virginia Nov 1!

Started by The Wolfhound, September 11, 2014, 03:57:35 PM

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The Wolfhound

M-1 match at Black Creek Shooters Association (Mechanicsville Va.), November 1, 2014.  Limited ammo format.  100 yards, 4 rounds standing, 4 rounds kneeling, 4 rounds sitting, and 4 prone.  4 rounds left over for sighters and one 20 round box covers it all. 5 whole US dollars; what a deal!
Additional info can be had from KC Young at the range shop 804-781-0267
This is the same site where we hold our December shoot every year.
I would love to see an Appleseed sweep of the match.


Awesome idea.. bad timing.. I think we've got 16 or so of the MD crew going to Lewiston, PA for the KD shoot..
Let us know when y'all are having another event!   BeSwift
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