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Pecos Run 'n Gun, Sep. 20, 2014, Pecos, TX - who's going?

Started by henschman, September 10, 2014, 01:48:47 PM

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For those that don't know, the Pecos Run 'n Gun in the Sun is a center fire biathlon... it is a roughly 7 mile run through the desert with 6 shooting stations along the way for rifle and pistol.  You have to carry your rifle, pistol, ammo, water, and anything else you think you might need with you the entire course.  It is a great way to put your Appleseed skills into practice under true field conditions.  And I do mean true field conditions... there are no prepared shooting positions or nice padded mats.  You have to get into the most stable position the desert terrain at the firing position allows, and get your hits on the clock. The mesquite and other scrub brush frequently prevents you from getting into a nice prone or even seated position, so there are lots of standing and kneeling shots... and of course having to shoot while hot, tired, and out of breath is an eye opener if you haven't had to do it before.  Suffice to say your "max effective range" may not be as good as you think it is! ;D There are a lot of Appleseed/ex-Appleseed guys involved with the event... many (including myself) work the event as Range Officers.  In fact, one of the stages is called "The Redcoats are Coming," and features steel D silhouettes at 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards.  In the past, some of the Texas Appleseed crew has provided special awards for those who do the best on this stage.  The event organizer, Smokey Briggs, is not an Appleseed instructor himself, but he and his family have been to events and they are big supporters.

Here is the website for the event:

I am making the drive along with fellow Oklahoma Appleseed instructors K98Al, SKSmarksman, TomCat, my Dad henschalotta, and another friend.  We enjoy this event so much that we have copied it here in Oklahoma, with the semi-annual Pawnee Run 'n Gun, held on the third Saturday in July and January:  Scout and Alonso also hold a semi-annual Run 'n Gun at the former Appleseed Boot Camp location in Davilla, TX every April and October:

We have found that Run 'n Gun is a great way to promote Appleseed... we have a 500 yard stage at Pawnee, and we tell everyone if you did poorly on it or if you want to do better, come to an Appleseed!  Many shooters have taken us up on it.

So who else is coming to Pecos? 
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Jeez wish I could go - I'll be doing a shoot in Waco that weekend. I've heard a lot about that shoot and it sounds like a blast. I'd met Smokey's wife and kids at a shoot in Midland about two years back and what a great crew.

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