Author Topic: In search of Female Shoot Boss for 10/4/14 LADYSEED (One Date Event)  (Read 305 times)

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Needed:  Female Shoot Boss to run Ladyseed 10/4/14  (ONE DAY EVENT)  in Matamoras PA PIKE COUNTY

We have a LADYSEED in Matamoras, PA Scheduled for 10/4/14.  We are 2.5 months out and seek an alternate shoot boss for the event. The present SB is listed for now; the event was initially scheduled as a regular AS, but subsequent to some requests [and with permission] it was then listed as a Ladyseed. 

The event was first listed July 7th;  Presently there are 25 Tickets remaining but we expect the event to be well attended. Local Advertisement is underway.

POC StevenK at 973 940 1167 or 973 476 5789

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