Author Topic: How about helping Corona this weekend then?  (Read 832 times)


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How about helping Corona this weekend then?
« on: August 03, 2014, 10:07:01 PM »
The weekend in question being Aug 16-17 at Raahauges in Corona.

If not now when?

If not you who?

So here we are again.

No activity on the So Cal forum since the last time I asked for help with Corona.

I have a real eager IIT signed up with his young'uns. He's asking what to do to help fill the line for me in terms of promotion. Before he signed up with his kids I was going to cancel the shoot because if it feels like if we can't rely on getting instructors why fill the line with people and disappoint them without enough instructor support. Chicken and egg.  I can run a line of a dozen on my own without putting on too  poor a show or shortchanging the participants. But if I fill the line to capacilty and can't get instructors then we are sunk. If you want a different SB just tell me.

I had a central california instructor offering to drive down and help instruct but at that point we had no shooters. The shooters he could get there are business contacts so we can't risk a poor show for him/them. There must be SoCal instructors and IITs who can help out?

I'm trying real hard here folks. I'll teach another appleseed on my own with  no experienced instructors or IITs and I'll try and mentor the IIT but this isn't even my home range?

I had great help from a repeat AS'er on the last shoot who was invaluable and who is thinking hard about the commitment.

What does it look like to people when they see one person trying to keep the program rolling. For some it makes them throw in support even more urgently, for others its wow I can't commit to saving that ship.

I've posted my heads up on Calguns for this shoot. I don't know what to tell my IIT about trying to fill the line with friends, relatives, co-workers or whatever promotion we could mount in the next two weeks. Did I miss the memo again? Have we shut up shop in CA? Did we win the fight and I didn't notice?

If you want to help please sign up to instruct, please help fill the line. But please, don't do the latter without doing the former.

Please help.

Phil "V"
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Re: How about helping Corona this weekend then?
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2014, 01:48:35 PM »
Phil, I have experienced the same difficulty staffing Rainbow, fortunately I have a few dedicated volunteers that I can always count on to be there if I ask. Zachary and I will be there at Corona for you. PM inbound to you shortly. Norm
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