Author Topic: An Update from Blake. It's been a while!  (Read 733 times)

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An Update from Blake. It's been a while!
« on: April 17, 2014, 09:04:44 PM »
Hey guys, I've been in and out of Appleseed for the last year and a half or so, and figured I'd let you know how I am doing. School and work have taken up almost ALL of my time, what little time I have left I usually spend with my friends, or on my motorcycle (my new hobby as of last June). In September, I secured a part time job at Swift River Gun Works in Belchertown. I absolutely love the work, and have been able to gain soooo much knowledge. It's just me, Doug (owner), and a man named Tom who helps with some of the metal finishing work. I'm set to graduate from highschool here in Greenfield within the next month or so. After that, only time will tell what will happen in my life. Appleseed has been a huuuge part of my life, and I absolutely did NOT want it to seem like I was leaving, just busy is all. I will be in Harvard this Saturday and I can't wait to see some of you guys again!

- See you soon


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Re: An Update from Blake. It's been a while!
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2014, 06:17:59 PM »
Blake, great to hear that you're working for a gun shop!

Alix & I moved up to VT and are opening our own gunshop - we had a FIVE-HOUR visit from the ATF this morning as part of the process, and we WILL be getting our FFL.

Won't see you this weekend as we'll be at Proctor.
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