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Florida IBC!
« on: September 28, 2008, 03:47:39 PM »
Florida needs IBCs!

Calling all Florida Patriots.

We needs to git a few IBCs on the roster right now!

Find me a location and I will get it set up. From private land (best) to public ranges willing to let us in for three long days.

All we need is a backstop and a firing line at 25M, with enough room for 5 to 20 shooters that want to become a part of the Appleseeds tradition - 7th steppers if you will.  ;)

We cannot grow the Florida program without qualified instructors, and we cannot build a larger corp of instructors without IBCs.

The passion for Liberty cannot afford to be shy - Lady Liberty will not wait!

Let's get at least 2 IBCs scheduled for late 2008 or very early 2009, so we can be ready for the April 19th event.

Do something for your country and get on board - it feels good.

I set up the Hernando event personally, and now I will get to serve there as an instructor. Imagine how that makes a man who loves Liberty feel inside (hint: Darned proud!).  ;D

What other 2A program affords you such a great opportunity to help this country like Appleseeds?

All it takes is a call to to the right person - you never know until you try. Who knows a good man or woman with an acre of land that would be willing to lend it to Appleseeds for three days? Needless to say - they can attend for free, even if I have to pay their fee (would be the least I could do).

Florida already has several serious IITs and if we can train another 10, we could handle three[attachment=1] April 19th events - what a feather in the Sunshine State's cap that would be!

Will you sit there and let California kick our southern arses without even putting up a credible fight?

I know a certain "Rough and Tumble Redneck" in Ft. Myers area that has hosted an IBC in the past - that'll be my first call.

Who YOU gonna call?
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