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Started by ThePoet, February 13, 2014, 10:19:05 PM

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I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.  I am relatively new to the Project Appleseed community, having attending my first Appleseed in November, 2013 and second only last weekend.  I  accepted an Orange hat on Sunday and look forward to learning along side such a great group of people.

I have a fair amount of academic and professional training and experience in marketing and advertising and have been in touch with Fred over the past several months to offer my expertise in these areas.  Fred has asked that I work on developing the foundation for a marketing effort on a national level.  It is my goal to develop key messages and push them out to a broad yet carefully segmented audience across various media.  The easiest way to begin on a limited budget is through social media.  I have done some preliminary research into our current social media presence on Facebook and was surprised to find 23 Facebook pages and/or groups for Project Appleseed.  The lack of consistency of message and visual look and feel give me cause for concern.  In order to be effective on a national level, we will need to present a carefully crafted message within a consistent system of visual identity.  Our current way of doing this leaves too much room for error and can place the RWVA at risk.

I would like to ask you help in letting me know the name(s) of the person or people in your region or state who currently run any Project Appleseed social media account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). 

Our plan is to migrate all users of general Project Appleseed Facebook pages to a newly-created official Project Appleseed page.  After users are migrated to the official page, we will ask that the existing pages be shut down.  I realize state and regional pages are important and do not believe these should be shut down.  However, it is important that these state and regional pages adhere to a set of standards for messaging and the use of approved logos, images, and other design elements.  We will provide guidelines for approved messaging and images for these pages at a later time.

Thank you for understanding.


I'm the admin for the MD Facebook account. I whole-heartedly agree with standardized logos, imaging, design, branding, etc... BUT... (here it comes)... where I do potentially have a big concern is  "set of standards for messaging" and "We will provide guidelines for approved messaging"

Define "messaging"? 

I'm beating the drum for the "my backyard" concept and message in a big way. People buy in when it's their backyard they're working in and responsible, for in ALL areas of Appleseed. If this goes in the direction I think it might, it has the potential to take away an extremely valuable tool in my arsenal as FB admin and SC. We fill the lines in MD. There's a reason for that and the FB page is big part of it.

IF you're idea is to take local control and judgement away from State Local FB admins, and/or require approval of messages, then you might as well take them all down, and have one National FB page, that likely won't achieve the goals or reach the audience your intending.     

Is there someone posting questionable images or messages? If so, deal with that person/page please.

Thanks for the opportunity to voice my concerns, and THANK YOU for stepping up O0. This effort IS needed, provided it's done properly..

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