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7th Step with the Project AS Illinois Facebook Page!
« on: January 04, 2014, 09:19:26 PM »

We want to fill the lines in Illinois in 2014.  How do you fill the lines?  You 7th Step with your friends and neighbors and get them off the couch.  ~~:)

We have a plan..........

In 2014 Project Appleseed-Illinois is going to be actively 7th Stepping using two different Facebook campaigns.  We are beginning two different post campaigns. One called "Things a Rifleman Needs to Know" and a second called "Rifleman Pro Tips"

There are three goals with this campaign: 

1)  Offer a chance for people to Like and Share the post on their own timeline as a way to generate interest in filling the lines.

2)   A way to reinforce the instruction of those who have already participated in an Appleseed Event, build their interest in the history and to also encourage them to sign up for another event.

3)  As a way for Project Appleseed to engage with people, through the SHARE process of other peoples Facebook pages, who may have never heard of Appleseed or who do not shoot, in a venue outside of the normal two day event. A virtual weekly "Liberty Seed" so to speak.

Things a Rifleman Needs to Know campaign:

Things a Rifleman Needs to Know is a series of timeline posts. A total of 52 posts.  This will be a weekly post, with a picture (hopefully related to the post) of either a point of instruction or the history (from the Three Strikes) from a two day Appleseed Event. 

The first post on Jan 2 has been a huge success!  How so?  Well, it generated more views in the first hour it was up than most posts get in a month on the page!  94 people viewed the first "Things" post in the first hour it was up! 

The Project Appleseed-Illinois Facebook team is currently laying out a 52 week schedule of posts for "Things a Rifleman Needs to Know".   

Rifleman Pro Tips campaign:

The Rifleman Pro Tip campaign are short posts, containing helpful information that instructors have picked up from the lines.   Some examples may be "marking your sling" to make it easier to find the right length for each position; using an elbow pad; or using an ink pen to practice trigger squeeze and reset.  These are just examples.  These posts will help shooters have a more enjoyable and more successful two day event, or self practice session on their own. 

Why will the post be brief or short? 

The average user spends 18 minutes a day on FB.  We want to capture them and hold their attention for part of that 18 minutes! 

We need your help with each campaign in a unique way. 

How can you help us?   :sos:

First, LIKE the Project Appleseed- Illinois page if you are on Facebook and have not done so already.   

Second, when these posts appear, LIKE the post and SHARE the post on your timeline.  By doing so, you just 7th Stepped to your entire Friend list. 

Third, if appropriate, make a POSITIVE comment on the post to anyone who may comment or respond to the post.  Positive discussion and dialog it healthy, avoid negative comments or talking down to those who comment or respond to a post. 

Fourth, INVITE your friends to LIKE the Project Appleseed - Illinois Facebook Page.

Fifth, if you see a problem in a post, please PM Mutti or RedFox24 ASAP so that we can take corrective action. 

What does all this do for Project Appleseed? 

There are currently just over 200 followers of the Project Appleseed- Illinois page. If half of those followers SHARE the post, we could in theory, reach 10,000+ people with each SHARE.  If each person that Follows us on Facebook would share the post, how many friends did we as Appleseed just 7th Step with?  At least 26,000 people and quite possibly many, many more! (avg person on FB has 130 friends)


Is this the end all 7th Step campaign?  NO. However, we are not effectively utilizing a FREE and EASY way to reach THOUSANDS of folks who are on the couch and who may have never heard about Project Appleseed. 

We need all of you to help out by clicking that LIKE button and SHARE button.............

Thank you for all you do for Project Appleseed and your help and support in this campaign.  O0

Now lets those Americans off the couch and on the lines!  ^:)^

"Preparedness is not an event.  It's a continuous process." 
Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director, CDC

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Re: 7th Step with the Project AS Illinois Facebook Page!
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2014, 12:43:33 PM »
I believe my iPod PM went astray or I somehow communicated with our Illinois Instructors incorrectly. If you did not receive a PM from me January 04, 2014, 10:51:00 PM - will anyone please contact me via PM so I can figure out my error?

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Re: 7th Step with the Project AS Illinois Facebook Page!
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2014, 09:53:10 PM »
Just to point out how effective LIKES and SHARES are to reaching more folks via FaceBook, the latest Things a Rifleman Needs to Know post has had a total of 15 Likes/Shares, with 331 total people reached and 57 post clicks. 

What does this mean? 

Well we have had 7 people Like the post on on the Project Appleseed Illinois Page and 2 people SHARE it from the same post.  BUT we had two people who ARE NOT CURRENTLY FRIENDS/FOLLOWERS of our Page LIKE the post and 4 people SHARE it from their pages. 

What that means is that we have gone WELL beyond our best post to date and that people who have not LIKED or visited our page are LIKING and SHARING our post, so our reach has gone way up, as a result of these 6 off page LIKES and SHARES 57 NEW folks CLICKED on our post and visited our page......... WE JUST 7TH STEPPED WITH 57 PEOPLE WHO MAY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF PROJECT APPLESEED. 

As a comparison our Event post for the CIPS shoot in Bloomington that has had NO LIKES or SHARES has had a mere 13 views.

Friends, this goes to point out the importance of SHARING and LIKING the post on the FB page.  Again how many people can be reached if we would get into the habit of clicking that LIKE and SHARE button? 
"Preparedness is not an event.  It's a continuous process." 
Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director, CDC