Author Topic: NRA RSO and Rifle Instructor class in Audubon PA - geared for Appleseed  (Read 243 times)

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For Appleseed IIT's and Instructors interested in getting NRA credentials so that you can get NRA Instructor insurance or to get Appleseed onto new ranges that require NRA credentials, I will be running 2 NRA RSO and Rifle Instructor classes in 2014.
Appleseed instructors get a discount - the price is $120.00 for the 3 day class.

I've had 10 IITs, Instructors, Shoot Bosses and even a SI come through the class.  The class really helps refine your skills to teach.
Classes are held at the same range as the Appleseed's in Audubon PA.

Signup for the April class here -
Signup for the September class here
Please include your forum name in the "Special Needs" box

For those outside of driving distance, I am willing to bring the class to you - just send me a PM.
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