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Corona, CA, September 21, 2013
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Though the local ammo situation has been unrelenting, we had four Americans up and off the couch this weekend. This was a great, though short, 'seed with all of our shooters only able to come for Saturday, due to other commitments. Our first Redcoats showed that this crew was not without skill, though we had a ways to go to match the founders in marksmanship. Like all riflemen we persisted and the groups shrank as lessons were learned.

Lunch brought the tale of our nation's first day, and was well received. This was followed by some discussion by participants of some local situations that needed citizen intervention and communication with representatives to address.

After lunch it was time to learn everyone's favorite, the sitting position. Despite a few close calls, everyone emerged with dignity intact. We then turned to the standing position, where it seemed all felt they were on more solid ground. Then onto a mini AQT grind for the rest of the day.

On his first outing with his rifle, Jose ended with a very respectable score in the Sharpshooter Range. Don shot some of the best groups of the day with his bolty, and would have been right there but for a glitchy scope that seemed to wander up and down unpredictably. Lance made great progress and came within a hair of clearing his final redcoat. John was in contention and, but for sharing Lance's target on stage 3 of our last AQT, he may have snagged that patch. Oh well, next time.

Our final Redcoats did the founder's proud! I hope you all had as good a time as I did and I hope to see you again soon.

 O0 All the best,
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