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« on: September 23, 2013, 07:39:55 AM »
   Even though the weather appeared iffy heading into the weekend, 20 folks turned out to participate in this great event. Liberty was well shared and served. Four new Riflemen grace our ranks. As for VA instructor corp. A new RH instructor was crowned, a new IIT accepted his hat and a couple other IIT's will advance down the trail. Great focus and effort on all who where there. I'm extremely proud to call these folks my fellow Americans.
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Re: Montpeleir,VA,Sept.21-22,2013
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This was an excellent shoot. We had outstanding students and a strong crew. The threatened drenching rains didn't dare begin until we had successfully finished on Saturday, and Sunday was the perfect day.

Those who did not make Rifleman this time all showed great improvement in their groups. I particularly appreciate the thoughtful approach to skill development and "teachable attitude" that the participants demonstrated, as well as the overall attention to safety.

Kate did an exceptional job of learning, starting with coffee-mug sized groups and ending up shooting 210 or better consistently on several AQTs. Christopher also cut his group size by 2/3 on Saturday, and when he comes back I believe he will have some fine scores.

Many thanks to jmdavis for his demonstration of the gear carried by a minuteman. It greatly helped bring the Story to life.

Also many thanks to Ronnie for volunteering to inherit my orange hat. I hope it provides you the same enjoyment and satisfying teaching experiences as it has me.
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Re: Montpeleir,VA,Sept.21-22,2013
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2013, 03:09:11 PM »
Thank you Bob for the hand me down. Thank all of the others who helped enjoy a great weekend of history and shooting. I look forward to advancing down the trail as a new IIT. My email is as I will be needing some guidance and info to continue the journey. Thank you.