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Instructors needed this weekend!
« on: July 30, 2013, 01:06:57 PM »
So far we have 5 registered shooters and NO instructors, IITs or a shoot boss.

We need to cancel this and let HSC know if no AS staff is going to show up.  Let's not leave shooters hanging.  We either need a shoot boss and a couple instructors/IITs or we need to cancel immediately.  AFAIK only a shoot boss can cancel an event.

Clearly we've got a problem with staff being stretched thin in MA.  Personally, I wish I could do more with AS (like step up as state coordinator), but I'm working full time, plus a side job and I just started a new company.  I know it's tough to spend a whole weekend on a shoot.  Last HSC shoot I worked out of my car and stopped in at the range to lend a hand when I could.  If there's a shoot on the calendar and everyone's too busy, maybe we can cobble together enough staff to cover the weekend in shifts if we have to- if it means preventing a cancellation and telling 5+ eager shooters they have to wait until September. 

Ideas?  More importantly, volunteers?
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