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Appleseed at Southern Maryland, SLSC Club 7-13-2013

Started by Viper-Snipe, July 13, 2013, 10:54:58 PM

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Wow what a day,
First time shooting standing, sitting, or prone, I have only shot bench rest before.
Being an older gentleman I shake quite a lot, but I was able to walk away today with not only my Rifleman patch, but also Maryland's 'Clean Slate' patch! (squeeked by!)

Having broken my ribs long ago in a water skiing accident, I can hardly lay on anything flat, but thank goodness I not only have a shooting mat, but also a exercise mat below it and a towel on top so it was not to bad.

What a great set of instructors, they both did a wonderful job in teaching, but also in the story telling of our founding fathers heroics against the British which led to our independence.

My hats off to SLSC, and the Appleseed group for putting on a great day, and I hope this will become a regular thing at our shooting range.

All my best to all.... O0



Congrats on persevering thru a long HOT weekend and joining the cadre of Rifleman!  O0 O0  Your name has now been added to the list of Maryland Rifleman (see sticky above).. truly a place of honor and a place where men (and ladies) "who know very well, what they're about" are listed with honor..  BeSwift

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Great Job VS!  ^:)^ Now spread the word and get some of your friends to the next Appleseed.

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I was very happy to see Appleseed expand to a new club in Maryland. Top that off with the fact that it was a great club with some fantastic members. The line had some great patriots drinking from the fire hose. I can't wait for the opportunity to visit lovely St Mary's county again/

PS - A 50% Rifleman success rate is something to be proud of!!!!!!
FF Jim
Dundalk, MD