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Brass for reloaders
« on: July 08, 2013, 04:22:31 PM »
For those GA reloaders who are near Atlanta, I've discovered a business in Marietta that sells fired brass that is high quality, and priced attractively .  I've recently bought several bags on an over-the-counter basis w/o shipping costs.

Their name is "TheBrassExchange" and they're located in Marietta on US 41 just north of the Big Chicken, on the western side, immediately north of Northern Tools.  Since they haven't officially opened up their retail store (currently selling via the internet), you'll need to call first to make sure someone is there before you drive over. 

Their web site is: and their email is:  Phone # is 770-693-0376.

I was looking for something not listed on their web site, emailed them of my needs, and they responded very quickly that they had what I wanted.  It was waiting for me when I drove over.

FYI, I have no financial, social or any other interest in them except that they're a good source for reloading brass that I need.

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