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Hartford CT AAR
« on: August 26, 2008, 01:44:32 PM »
Well, THE Hartford Gun Club is top notch
The first thing I noticed was the nice paved driveway (that's really living') 8)
Then I met Tom DeVito the general manager (they have employees) he pointed out where to park and the range we would be using.
And were to get target stands they are fully equipped all we provided was a string for the firing line and a tape measure to measure out 82ft
The weather was perfect 8)
We were on the outdoor pistol range maybe 50yrds long with a burm going down the middle separating it into two wide shooting lanes (they shoot IDPA and Cowboy Action there) nice covered range however a non removable bench runs the full length in front and behind so no shooting form under the roof on this range (not a problem again perfect weather)
The range employees came by with ice water jugs and cups (with a resupply in the afternoon) said they would set up the grill for lunch around 12:00 noon over on the nice grassy area by the picnic table (this is living in high style) ;D
We had 15 shooters on the line for day one and lots of center fire rifles two nice US cal. 30 M1 Rifles
We fired 177 aimed shots approximately (I had the honor of calling the line all day and I kept a fairly good count)

I left lots of room here for other folks to fill in please do so

Two rapid fire AQTs by the end of the day
We had one rifleman that day (Centerpunch, the new CT state coordinator) and others knocking at the door

Day two again perfect weather 8)
8 shooters on the line with two new one day shooters
Again ice water jugs and cups delivered by the fine staff at THE Hartford Gun Club ;D
We moved everyone to the right side shooting lane
MikeP moved the new shooters over to the left shooting lane to bring them up to speed with some help from KDan

The mosquitoes were very hungry (we may want to file a formal complaint with the management so they can put out six new mosquito deleteo systems immediately. I am shocked that they had not foreseen this and took the usual steps to accommodate the pampered shooters on the line----------just joking) ;)

Anyway on our first RF AQT we had another Rifleman, Bruce
With many more RF AQTs to follow also ball & dummy (very important especially with center fire) equipment check (loose screws and sights and cleaning and alike) shot some sighters and back to work on RF AQTs
My round count is not what it was on day one as I was loading mags for a shooter that had four 5 round mags for a TC .22 semi auto (I was known as his Butler from then on (I prefer the title of gentleman's gentleman)) :D ;D
My gentleman, master William made the cut for Rifleman (I told him if he did not make the cut I would never be able to live it down) ;D
That made three for the weekend all .22lr shooters
Aimed shots fired (hopefully by the numbers) is at 571 close put may be off (low) that makes 748 (incidentally every Appleseed were I was in attendance has been a round count record....just saying)  ;D

I have said it many times and I will say it again
IMO, IFB  (I Firmly Believe)
Muzzle blast and recoil are very distracting (also fun I love it) ;)
However new students must MASTER the basics first before moving up to deal with muzzle blast (i.e. 5.56x45) then deal with recoil (30-06 & 7.62x51)
Both are very districting while learning to master the six steps and NPOA especially calling the shot
Muzzle blast and recoil should be and will be addressed by any Rifleman
However fresh recruits need to MASTER the six steps and NPOA
First things first

The benefits of .22lr are many most of all its inexpensive to own and feed a .22 lr rifle
Therefore you will shoot more (I love that too in case you could not tell already) ;D
Shooting more also has many benefits.
See the trend here? Lots of pluses not so many negatives (none I can think of)

I have left lots of room for others to help fill in please do so

Perfect weather, OUTSTANDING facility, well motivated crew and shooters
Lots of center fire rifles (love that rapid fire with a MBR)
All in all another Appleseed WELL DONE!  8)
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Re: Hartford CT AAR
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2008, 02:39:58 PM »
I think that Buzzworth meant that we picnicked in a GRASSY area, not a GREASY area.  ::)

I'd forgotten that Bruce made Rifleman when I emailed Nickle; my apologies, Bruce!! He didn't even think that the target was worth scoring, IIRC. I took one look and made him score it. I think it was 213 or so...

Great facilities at The Hartford Gun Club; we are going to try and schedule two shoots there next year. The manager was very impressed with us and wants more literature on our program. (I'll be sending that out this week).

I got a letter from one of our Garand shooters:
I want to tell you and your instructors that the Appleseed Shoot in Hartford was exactly what I was looking for. For years I have been trying to find someone who could teach me to shoot high rifle properly.  You folks gave me all I was looking for and history on top!  I could not have been happier with the experience (well maybe if I felt better but you guys were great with that also).
If there is any way that I can help the program in New England, please let me know. {phone number redacted}.
You have given me the tools, now it's up to me.  It will take time but I will become a Rifleman and I will be firing the " RIFLE US Caliber 30 M1"!  Then the 1903-A3!  Hey, you gotta' have goals!
Thanks again,

Makes the sunburn, mosquito bites and general exhaustion all worth it! (Well, all except for the stay in the MotelVI, though - stay FAR away from the one in Windsor Locks!!)
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Re: Hartford CT AAR
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I think that Buzzworth meant that we picnicked in a GRASSY area, not a GREASY area.  ::)
Fixed  :-[
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Re: Hartford CT AAR
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2008, 10:03:10 PM »
Hi everyone,
I attended the Hartford Apple Seed last weekend and had a great time.  The instructors were great and I learned a lot!