Author Topic: Kudos from an attendee - Eunice event  (Read 525 times)

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Kudos from an attendee - Eunice event
« on: June 18, 2013, 01:47:53 PM »
I received the following email today from an attendee:


I wanted to tell you how much my son and I enjoyed the Appleseed event at Eunice last weekend.  Allen Fontenot did a great job showing us how to shoot safely and accurately.  He also did a great job of telling the history of April 19, 1775 - without notes!

My 9-year old son (he'll be 10 in August) stayed attentive the whole time, which I attribute to Allen's skills.  I was surprised how well the materials held my son's attention.  We were out there all day Sat and Sun and Allen was enthusiastic and encouraging the whole time.

Thanks for putting on the program.  My son and I are already planning our next Appleseed.

Thanks again,

David W Goza
persona non grata