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Coming to Atterbury
« on: May 15, 2013, 08:02:33 PM »
RWVA Project Appleseed - Camp Atterbury Registration Form


RWVA registration can be found on Eventbright and must be completed the same as any other Appleseed event.

In addition, you must read and complete the following form. The following information MUST be completed and turned in to one week prior to your attendance.

This information is is a requirement of Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (CAJMTC) and this information will be shared with Military Police and the Range Control office. Your information will not be used in any manner other than to allow your admittance to the installation and to contact you regarding this event.

Please copy and paste the contents of this page into an email, fill in the required information, and return to

One week prior, the Friday seven days BEFORE the event, this completed form must be submitted. If you do not, you may lose your place in this non-refundable event.


There some things about shooting at Camp Atterbury that you should be aware of, please read the following carefully.

1 - Start time - Checkin is at 7:30AM EDT. For those in most of Indiana, this is 7:30. For those in the Central time zone, it's 6:30 CDT. Safety briefing is at 8:00 sharp. We will not wait to get started. The day will be long and we can't afford to lose time here.

2 - CAJMTC firearms policy - No firearms. An exception is made for civilians for the firearms to be used on the range for an event. This means concealed carry is not allowed. If you or your vehicle are searched, your rifle information submitted by us is all that will be allowed on base. You will be turned away if not detained by Military Police and your event fees will not be refunded.

3 - Centerfire Rifle, Zeroed - Please make an effort to get a known zero prior to attending. 25m or 200 yds preferred but any known zero will work. if you are not zeroed we will make an attempt to get you there, but we will not delay instruction for you.

4 - 250-300 rounds of the same ammunition will be required, plan to carry 150+ rounds on you each day.

5 - The elements - The known distance ranges are not sheltered in any way. If it's sunny, you will be out in the sun. If raining, you'll be out in the rain. Bring what's appropriate for you and the forecasted weather. Layered clothing is best so that you can adjust to the changing temps. Events are not cancelled due to the weather(exception with extreme weather only. i.e. - tornado, severe storm/lightning). Do not bring portable shelter as the firing line will be moving frequently.

6 - Equipment: Sling, shooting mat, high powered binoculars or scope, two magazines, a way to take notes, ear and eye protection. Please note that ear and eye protection is required.

7 - Hydration - make sure to bring enough water/gatorade/etc.. to stay hydrated. It might be cool early in the day but the wind can take it out of you as fast as the heat.

8 - Food - There will be a designated time for lunch and history. Please bring what food you need. Leaving base for lunch is not an option and we will continue without anyone who is late returning from lunch. If everyone brings food that can be eaten on the fly, all the better.

9 - From the gate to the range control - Essentially, you continue through the cantonment area on the road you came in on. You will come to a stop sign across from the fire department. Range control is on your left. A $10.00 per day range fee is required from each shooter attending and a $10.00 charge for a clean databook, supplied by Appleseed.

Finally, some notes from experience.
  • It can always rain in Indiana and rain gear is light, bring it.
  • A shooting mat should be that, not a tarp. Tarps blow around, require folding, collect rain. The U. S. Army has provided grass at every firing distance and you do not have to carry it. Leave the mat at home if you can and enjoy nature.
  • Power bars or Breakfast bars are your second best friend, bring several.
  • Water is your first best friend, start drinking an extra quart a day two days in advance. Bring two quarts each morning to the range.
  • A mesh or light cloth bag for collecting brass is very helpful. Snag an old pillow case when the spouse isn't looking.
  • You can get sunburned in the winter.
  • A hat with a bill rocks.
  • A clean rag is priceless when you need it.
  • Your rifle will get dirty, rained on, and scratched. Leave the safe queen at home, this event is for rifles you mean to shoot.
  • Don't bring cheap ammo for sighters and expensive ammo for score. Yes, it has happened, no it didn't end well.
  • Make sure your scope or sights are tight and lock tite was used. We have seen scopes fall off rifles, more than once.
  • Make your lunch light and nutritious, this is not the place for Snoballs and Diet Coke.
  • Dress as if you will be doing landscaping work all day, and your spouse will not let you back in the house until dark. Toss in rain gear and you will be fine. Seriously...
  • Bring everything you need and nothing you will not use.


Great, let's get the information we need to get you on the installation and on the range! Please fill out the information carefully, accuracy is important. If your information is incorrect we may not have time to contact you before the deadline to submit our list of attendees.

Personal Information
Name (as it appears on your driver's license/ID): ________________________________________

City of residence: _____________________________________

State of residence: ____________________________________

Zip Code: __________

Date of Birth: mm/dd/yyyy  __/__/____

Phone Number: __________

Rifle Information (You need only complete as many entries as needed)
Make/Model: _____________________   Serial Number: ________________ Caliber:  _________

Make/Model: _____________________   Serial Number: ________________ Caliber:  _________

Make/Model: _____________________   Serial Number: ________________ Caliber:  _________

Make/Model: _____________________   Serial Number: ________________ Caliber:  _________

When your form is complete, email to You will receive a confirmation that the form has been accepted within 48 hours. We will endeavor to make that immediately if received on the last day of registration. We will try, no promises, don't wait until the last minute.

if you have any questions you can contact an Appleseed instructor on the Appleseed forum in the Indiana board, the indiana gun owners forum (INGO) in the Appleseed board, and by emailing

Indiana State Coordinator
Appleseed - INGunOwners

Good luck, and we will see you on the line!

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