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Dashboard- Chaseburg April 20-21
« on: March 29, 2013, 08:02:46 PM »
Status and Task List for:

Chaseburg, wi April 20/21

Event Information

Location: chaseburg, wi
Date:  April, 20/21
Shoot Boss: Ahhshoot
Pre-Registrations: 1
Event Information:
Pre-Registration Page:

Tasks / Action Items
These items below require action. Please respond in this thread to volunteer and complete a task or fill a role.
Items with names and dates in parens have been assigned and are in progress. Items with a strike are complete.

Logistics, Administrative and Staffing

Host contacted
  Present to club's Board of Directors
  Event scheduled with Host
  Host Application signed and submitted
  EIP information submitted
    Shoot Boss: Ahhshoot
    Red Hats :
    Orange Hats:
    Management of target backers and shoot supplies:,
    Pre-shoot setup

Promotional Tasks

   1) Flyer distribution:  We need to list all the possible locations we can, folks lack imagination
  a) Gun/Sports Shops
  b) Gun shows
  c) Grocery Stores and Wal-marts
  d)  Community Centers:  VFW, American Legions, Mason Halls, Church, work,
  e) Barber shops
  f) Local colleges, universities.  Be sure to look for shooting programs on campus, they can be good partners in this effort!
  g) Auto dealers, motorcycle dealers, surfboard dealers (gotta think of Ca.)
  h) Assisted Living communities-Retirement homes
  I) Fire Stations, Police Stations, Union halls, Volunteer fire departments, trade centers
  j)  Non-sponsoring gun clubs- Normally pistol/shotgun only ranges, sometimes indoors.
  k)  Book stores/magazine racks.  Slide them inside gun magazines, as "inserts", be smart about it.
  l)  All Military instillations, Guard base, Armory, Regular base, USO
  m) Auto parts and Farm supply stores
  n) BLM, DNR, Fish and Wildlife offices
  o) Local fitness/wellness programs and centers. YMCA, YWCA, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Gold's Gym, etc.

2)  Internet tools
  a) Other forums:, AR15,
  b) Community Calendars for surrounding towns/cities
  c) GOA Event announcements--Other Press Release sites (free service)
  f)  Send announcements to your friends/family in your address book, ask them to forward it to their address book.

3)  Other organizations within the state, send announcements.
  a)  State Shooter's associations
  b)  State gun rights political groups:  Conceal carry, 2A groups, Campaign for Liberty, Democrats/Republican (must do both or neither)
  c)  Boy Scouts:  Local troops
  d)  4H:  Local chapters.
  e)  DAR/SAR chapters
  f)  Four Wheeler groups, mud/ridge runner groups
4)  Coordination with host club/range
  a)  ensure they have plenty of flyers and they are hung up
  b)  ensure they have event posted on their website/calendar
  c)  ensure they have put event in club News letter
  d)  "advertise" at club for help with local promotions for this event, to get others to help distribute flyers in the community
5)  Other
  a)  Thrifty Nickle ads
  b) Eventbrite invites
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