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red coat marketing
« on: March 29, 2013, 10:17:39 AM »
I have been given permission to conduct my first "red coat marketing" campaign at the world shooting complex in Sparta Il tomorrow during the wild bunch shoot.  The idea is that I supply the targets (thanks dond for the redcoats) the rifle and the ammo.  I then invite all comers to step up to the line and test their skill and maybe listen to a nugget of history (HW is the story I have in mind) The idea is that once these people see that they need some improvement in their rifle skills they will committ to attending an AS and waking up their sleeping American.  I would welcome any assistance from the IL AS instructors (I know it is short notice but I just got permission this morning).  If anyone can come work the line or help me out with ammo donations it would be greatly appreciated.  Remember this is the first time I am doing this...there will be opportunities to adapt and overcome!

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Re: red coat marketing
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