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Attention: Mid Atlantic Appleseed Volunteers, IIT's, RH's, SB's
Here's YOUR chance to meet "The Man".. Fred.. at an AIBC June 22-23, at AAFG in Annapolis, MD ! Hear for yourself where we are, where we're going, and what YOU need to know, do, and NOT do, to help us save this Nation..  I'm hoping for a packed house, so pull out all the stops to be there, as these chances don't come along often. Below are some tips shamelessly lifted from a previous AIBC posting, regarding how to get the most of this event. There MAY be test at the end...  ;) If we "sell out" we WILL make room for you!

Download and bring a copy of the current Instructor Manual and the Appendix.

Please plan to be at the range and ready to start by 8:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. This will go all day until we're done.  We are meeting in the clubhouse.

Bring any questions you may have and hear Fred's vision for Appleseed.

Why should I make the effort to attend an AIBC?

Suggested reading from those who have attended an AIBC. Make a pot of coffee and give this some time before you arrive at the AIBC.  There will be a test., "The Appleseed Guidelines", "Remembering the Basics...", "On Being a Follower...", "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff", "Running a Perfect Appleseed", "What is the Key Word in Appleseed?", "Quantity vs. Quality", If you really want to get into Fred's head.

Just kidding about the test!

For More Information Contact:  Private Message to BeSwift on the Appleseed Forum, email or call Brian Swift 443-307-6592

Registration Link:

Come on WV team... Get back on the bandwagon! Here's your chance to hit the "reset" button..
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