Author Topic: SACRAMENTO, CA JAN 19-20, 2013 AAR  (Read 796 times)

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« on: January 22, 2013, 01:52:33 AM »
Weather....PERFECT...65ish and sunny both days...I truly don't think there could be better weather to be outside on Gun Appreciation Day to learn to appreciate our rifles and Heritage.

10 Americans came out to enjoy our spring like weather.  We also had a couple of visiting instructors from Castro Valley...Nero and American Amazon came out to play with us too.  They hit the Capital for the 2A rally, bumping into fellow Appleseeders V and Lagboy. 

Safety briefing, cleared rifles, then we were off and running.  Winter hours at the range makes it tight to get everything in...but we managed.  A break for lunch and the strikes told by myself, PinBreaker and Neve.  Eaglescouter set the stage for us all with a short "pre-strike".

After lunch it was back to instructing a wonderful group of shooters that absorbed all we taught them and put it to good use. 

We got in one AQT at the end of the day. No riflemen, but good groups and happy people.

Sunday morning was a bit nippy but by mid morning the sun had thawed us out.  After the safety briefing, it was on to a review of Saturday's lessons.  This crew had learned them well...groups shrank all morning.  We stopped for lunch and shared the DOM and Dangerous Determined Dame stories.  After lunch, back to the AQTs....Truman posted the highest score of the afternoon with a 200....right there are soooo close.  Tom was right there too, consistently in the 160's.... you guys will get it next time. 

Pat (aka American Amazon) an IIT3 from Castro Valley proved she still knows what she's about and posted a couple of 218's.

Everyone else was shooting very well...keep practicing all, keep practicing....

Hope to see you all next month...bring a friend.

A big THANKS to my instructors for coming out.  As always you make my job sooo easy.


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Please tell your friends/family about Project Appleseed... about the great time you had... and forward them a link suggesting they visit us!!

Hope to see you again soon,

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Re: SACRAMENTO, CA JAN 19-20, 2013 AAR
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Wow- thanks for taking all those pictures Vinnie! They turned out great!

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Re: SACRAMENTO, CA JAN 19-20, 2013 AAR
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Awesome shoot... thank you all so much for making this happen! Everyone seemed pretty happy and there was some great form on the line, so hopefully next month our almost-Riflemen will return to claim their 210.

Also thanks again to Nero and Pinbreaker for lettin' me throw some lead downrange.  O0

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Re: SACRAMENTO, CA JAN 19-20, 2013 AAR
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Another great weekend at Appleseed! Thanks to all the shooters and instructors for making it out. Also a big thanks to Vinnie for the comprehensive photo spread. Hope to see you all soon!