Author Topic: Nov banner for Veteran's Day starts tomorrow-Need design ideas for Blk Friday  (Read 252 times)

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!st order of business: MANY THANKS :bow: to techres for the November banner design for the following forum: It should show up starting tomorrow.

Now for the work to continue. The deadline for the December banner needs to be no later than Nov 19th! I would like the new banner up starting on Black Friday.

WHY you ask? Because we want to attempt to get folks to to our Appleseed store to buy merchandise or better yet Gift Certificates for loved ones :~ As an organization, we are attempting to increase cash flow as well as numbers on the line. The Christmas/Hanukkah season seems like a great time to promote the store.

I am no artist nor am I an advertising genius....but here is a thought: Make the banner look like a wrapped gift, or put well known holiday images on it, etc.
I think we must have the word Appleseed on it OR the Issac logo
A mention of the store and gift certificates
A simple line such as "Give the gift of Heritage and Marksmanship"
etc, etc, etc
Have the link - this time - take the clicker to the store page

Just some thoughts from a wannabe advertising guru ;D
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