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What age to have a guardian present to sign waiver of liability?

Started by dayid, October 26, 2012, 01:29:57 PM

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I'll be attending an Appleseed event with my brother-in-law who is 15. I am not his legal guardian, and neither of them will be able to attend. Will I need to print/have them sign any forms before arrival to guarantee his ability to shoot at the event?

I read this thread but still wasn't 100% sure.

RifleWoman had a good response:
QuoteWhen people ask me this question in advance, I forward a liability waiver for the parents to sign and have the adult who will be attending with them bring it with them.
If if is that easy, who should I contact to request that form?

George Hacker


Send an e-mail to me at NWPromo (at) appleseedinfo (dot) org and I will scan and send you one.  It is a two-sided document.

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