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Ramseur, NC Oct 20/21 AAR
« on: October 23, 2012, 10:40:45 PM »
The weather in Ramseur this weekend was delightful.  The mornings were crisp with most folks wearing a sweatshirt and pants.  The afternoon and evening were in the 70s both days.  We certainly had Carolina Blue skies to enjoy the whole weekend.  The turnout for this event was outstanding with a total of 51 participants on Saturday and 47 on Sunday.

It was great to have this many participants coming out to Appleseed this weekend.  We had a mix of ages (including 13 youths) and some participants into their 70s.  It is clear that patriotism spans the generations!!!  Now on to the achievements of this fine group!

We had one rifleman on Saturday on the first AQT of the day!  Mike was a repeat Appleseeder and he was ready.  First AQT of the day and he made his presence know with a solid 221 score.  Congrats Mike.  Not one to rest on his nascent achievement he asked for a better looking hat (an RWVA Orange Hat)!!!  I'm looking forward to Mike's contributions to the program!

We were able to shoot 2 AQTs on Saturday before ending with the Redcoat target and it was clear that the participants were applying what they had learned over the course of the first day.  The first Redcoat of the day is recorded as follows:

12 participants at 100 yards, 4 at 200 yards, 3 at 300 yards, 0 at 400, and 1 at the D. Morgan tile.

by the end of the day we had ... drum roll....

13 participants at 100 yards, 7 at 200 yards, 5 at 300 yards, 8 at 400, and 14 at the D. Morgan tile including one participant who "cleaned the target!!!"

 O0 O0 O0 :bow: :bow: :bow: O0 O0 O0

Sunday was even more productive for these participants.  The Redcoat targets in the AM indicated that the lessons from the day before had been committed to memory.  The real proof was in the list of Rifleman patches that were earned!  The distinguished list of Riflemen is as follows:
David R - 226
Tony L - 211
Derek S. - 220 (I know Derek personally and he is a fine young man)
Ryan C. - 217
Corbin M. - 224
Alec P. - 221 (Another fine young man, I've had the pleasure of getting to know Alec from prior Appleseeds.  Your persistence paid off!!!)
Ken W. - 214
Glen H. - 214
Valerie B. - 225 (my beautiful bride, made me beam with pride)
Paul R. - 216
Alec W. - 222
Danny B. - 218

Two father and son pairs made rifleman this weekend which is to be celebrated.  On Sunday, Derek also asked for a better looking hat.  I am looking forward to working with Derek.  He is a great person and has a wonderful family and I am confident that he will be a future leader of our country!

The story does not end with the outstanding contribution of the Appleseed participants.  We also had the finest assembly of Appleseed instructors.  I would like to thank each and every one of you!7.62BBQ  Pain Killer, cdavidhord, Botbasher, Jules_H, LOck3, Lawrence, adamsod, KARDIAK KID, Grathlong, The Beard, DAR-Patriot, hawkeye, CplTurner, G19Junz, len1459, and iron pony all contributed to the success of this event and I am grateful to you all.

CplTurner was the Line Boss on Saturday, I am humbled by the efficiency and confidence that he demonstrates every time I'm around him.  Pain Killer was working on his SBIT progressions this weekend, he will be and outstanding SB!  Dave handled a significant portion of the instruction on Saturday, he had so many compliments on his instruction from students and instructors alike!  7.62BBQ was the SB for this event and he makes everything seem easy, his good nature and demeanor make him an outstanding teacher!  Lawrence you are the Master Story Teller, if I could grant the title it would be yours!  Botbasher and Jules both received promotions this weekend on their way to a great looking hat!  L0ck3 joined the Ramseur crew this weekend and it was a real pleasure getting to know him.  Kardiak Kid told one of the most moving strikes I've heard in a while.  Grathlong may have to change his name on the forums, one participant said we should just call him Gumby since he can move into the perfect position for demonstrations so easily.  The Beard was able to come by on Sunday to help us out on the line, his help was a welcome relief.  Hawkeye conducted a Garand clinic on Sunday morning and I heard many complements from participants as they came out of the "clubhouse".  DAR-Patriot joined us at this event with her ever present enthusiasm which we could all learn from.  G19Junz provided the Rifleman's cadence demonstration this weekend which was outstanding!  Iron Pony was able to join us on Sunday to add his expertise for which I am grateful.  Robert I continue to learn how to be a more effective instructor every time I get a chance to be around you!  You sir, are an excellent instructor!

Thank you to all the students and instructors!  This was a weekend well spent and time well invested in the cause of Liberty!

Oh... and by the way  :pics:
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Re: Ramseur, NC Oct 20/21 AAR
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2012, 11:11:46 PM »
     Let me extend my thanks to you and the other instructors.  Alex and I had a fine weekend and enjoyed every minute of it.  We were educated and inspired; I knew a fair bit about the military campaigns of the Revolutionary War but had not previously made any concerted study of the events of April 19th, nor the role of the armed civilian on that day.  We had some very interesting discussions on the ride home about the rights and obligations associated with citizenship and freedom, and what those things mean today. 
     We actually began the path to becoming marksmen on our own before we ever heard about the Appleseed Project.  However, Appleseed was so accessible and family oriented that we couldn't stay away.  The potential for Alex to earn a tangible reminder of his success and progress (i.e., the patch) was just the icing on the cake. 
     We signed up, ordered Fred's Guide, some QDAQTs, and a couple of slings and got down to practicing.  I felt like that practice was beneficial, but the real-time, on the line help was what made the difference.  We learned a bit about history, a bit about shooting, and a lot about ourselves.  We'll be back!
Ken W.   

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Re: Ramseur, NC Oct 20/21 AAR
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Let me echo Ken's comments above.  I had been trying to attend an Appleseed for close to a year after reading about it and hearing about it from buddies.  Wish I could have gotten to one sooner.

I've enjoyed shooting sports for most of my life, much more in recent years and have been through a few official NRA courses, Scouts instruction, one on ones, groups, you name it.  This weekend was hands down the best marksmanship instruction I have received, and then the History and the way it was told, with the focus on People, Americans, making hard but correct choices was awesome and inspiring. 

Can't wait to come back and I'm now actively trying to find ways to make more time for Appleseed in my schedule.

Sadman, you thanked us many times as participants, but I don't think we thanked y'all near enough.  So, Thank You to all the Instructors for executing superbly on this most important mission.  You are greatly appreciated.

-Corbin M.  New and TOTALLY STOKED Rifleman  :)

P.s. Does anybody have the EIN for RWVA?  Can you PM it to me?  I would like to see about getting my employer to make a matching contribution (charitable giving time of year). 
P.p.s. In the excitement/chaos of packing up to leave, I forgot to get a T-shirt.  Happy to pay shipping if somebody can send me one, pm me for address and where to send a payment? 

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Re: Ramseur, NC Oct 20/21 AAR
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Photos from Ramseur
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Re: Ramseur, NC Oct 20/21 AAR
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What a great weekend of Heritage and Marksmanship!! This was a wonderful group of people! Thank you all for taking the time to spend with us and learn about our Nation's History. Congratulations to all the new riflemen and riflewomen! Everyone improved so much. I look forward to seeing you all again at a future Appleseed. Nice pictures Lawrence, that is a good looking group of people.

Pain Killer
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Re: Ramseur, NC Oct 20/21 AAR
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First and foremost guys I am very proud of our riflemen that qualified last weekend! We had a large line which in ways made tasks more difficult but it seems that the percentage of riflemen was better than normal. I also wanted to give a shout out to Dave, who received his red hat, a pat on the back! He did an awesome job! Also my mom who helped us get out to all of these shoots scored riflemen WITH A 225. I believe she had one of the highest scores on the line. Now we are one away from being a riflemen family, just got to get my sister there. Also I thought the benediction was awesome last weekend, the students became really quiet by the end of it and from that I knew that it had hit their heart somewhere.


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Re: Ramseur, NC Oct 20/21 AAR
« Reply #6 on: October 29, 2012, 08:55:32 PM »
I have to agree whole heartedly... Gumby!! After watching the demonstrations, wincing at the ease at which he contorts himself into the various positions. You can pick any name you like... but your always Gumby in our demonstrations!!  ;D

OK.. back into the real world!

I really have to thank all the instructors from Lawrence to Jules and all in between for helping to make my 1st event as an IIT an unqualified success. I learned volumes from the other instructors and the responses from the students were reassurance that I am headed in the right direction.  :bow: :bow: O0 O0

The house photographer, Mini-botbasher, only managed to take 3 shots of grasshoppers and 1 of his dad, so untypically I don't have any to add to the thread. I'll talk to him and we'll have more to add at the Nov AS!

A couple of the Strikes and DOM stories hit hard as Gumb... I mean Grathlong said.. It was a huge, spread out group but it would quickly quiet down and soon only the youngest kids were doing anything other than listening in rapt attention!

Overall... An incredible group of students, guided by an awesome group of instructors to what I hope would be a record number of Rifleman patches in a single 2 day weekend. Anyone?

Hope to see the students return and continue to build upon the foundations they worked so hard on!

As Sadman likes to close with... What are you doing next month?? Why, I'll be helping another group of students along the path to rediscover the heritage left to them by our founding fathers. See ya there!


Ken aka Botbasher
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Re: Ramseur, NC Oct 20/21 AAR
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My brother in law and I brought our boys to this event.  We had a great time and learned a great deal.  I think we all would have learned more if I had been smart enough to get slings and installed them before the event.  My bad and has been corrected.  We are planning on getting back out for another event in the spring and probably more after that.   
      In other words we had a great time and love all that you do for everyone.  Thank you for everything. 


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Re: Ramseur, NC Oct 20/21 AAR
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This was a my first time at Ramseur and as an instructor, I had a blast. To have the line as big as we did (50+) and see that everyone was getting a heaping spoonful of knowledge was a testament to the appleseed method. Good work to my fellow instructors and to the shooters. I hope to see you all soon on the Appleseed trail.
L0ck3 (Tom)
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