Author Topic: AZ full distance opportunities, Q4 2012  (Read 596 times)

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AZ full distance opportunities, Q4 2012
« on: October 16, 2012, 03:28:09 PM »
October 20th - 50rd Across the Course (XTC) match @ Rio Salado.
October 28th - AZ CMP State Championships, 80rd XTC @ Rio Salado.
November 10th - Patriot's Match 50rd XTC 4-man team match @ PRGC.
November 11th - Veteran's Day Match 50rd XTC 4-man team match @ Ben Avery.
November 17th - 50rd XTC match @ Rio Salado.
November 18th - 40rd XTC match at Tucson Rifle Club.
November 24th - 60rd prone match @ Rio Salado.
November 23-25 - AZ High Power Championships @ Ben Avery. Fri = 60rd prone, Sat = 80rd XTC, Sun = 50rd XTC for CMP "leg points."
December 23rd - M1A Match @ PRGC.

XTC matches are 3-position.  50rd XTC matches are 10rds standing unsupported with no sling use @ 200 yards, 10rds seated rapid fire at 200 yards, 10rds prone rapid fire at 300 yards (or 200 yards with a reduced size target), and 20rds prone slow fire @ 600 yards (or 500 yards if that's all the range can offer).  80rd XTC matches are 20 standing, 2 sets of 10 rapids at seated, 2 sets of 10 rapids at prone, and 20 slow prone.

Rio Salado events always shoot rapid prone at 200 with reduced targets, and 500 yards for slow prone.  200/200/200/500.

PRGC events usually shoot 200/200/300/500 (they don't have a long enough range for 600).

Ben Avery events usually run 200/200/300/600 since they have a full 1000 yard high power range.

Lots of additional info here:

I will be at Rio Salado this weekend at the 50rd XTC, and last year at the AZ CMP State Championships I won a medal that I have to protect. ;)  So I'll be at the Sunday match on October 28th as well.

I want to put together a team for the Patriot's Day match at PRGC.  Entry fee is $100 for the 4-man team, or $25 per shooter.  Any Riflemen out there want to step up and join an Appleseed team?