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USS American, is she sunk?

Started by funfaler, September 18, 2012, 10:42:59 AM

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It seems the trees can get in the way of a good forest viewing.     In fact, for some, perhaps it is the bark, which is keeping them from even seeing the tree.   

There is a sense of defeatism in the aire, not just in the program, but in the country as a whole.   Things look bad economically, they look bad in foreign relations, the political scene looks bad, and ask folks on the street and you are more likely to hear about how America is heading down, than up.

This negative spirit is contagious, locally and nationally.    (In fact, I would argue that it is intentional, but that is another post, and perhaps another forum, right  ;))

Numbers are down at Appleseeds, and there is a feeling of "negative" in the aire.  Sometimes a step back, or several, will reveal the forest, or at least get the bark prints off of your forehead and may alleviate some of that pain there too.   ;D

So the general view in the country is that the USS America may be bow down, perhaps under the waters, with the waves licking at her sides, enticing her to slip further into the murky deep.   

Well, the view from the iceberg (Hmmm, that is an interesting perspective, we have seen them, have been directed to stop focusing on them, but how many have stopped to think what the iceberg is seeing?) is quite different.

From the icy observation point, things seem different than they look from the decks, or from the bilge area.   The walrus and penguins see things with a little different, albeit more fishy smelling, perspective.     What do they see?

They see a ship which is in a better situation than it was a little while back.   Still not fully upright, still not out of the ice field, but in a better state of being.   "Why" you ask?   How can this be, as we all know the "numbers" are pointing to a different story altogether, debt is up, employment is down, strife and conflict are rampant around the country and world, and it sure seems like those icebergs on the horizon are bigger than the ones we have passed.   

The reason the ship is in a better condition is that the true hazards to her voyage are being diminished.   

Ignorance, laziness and apathy.   They used to live large on the decks, soaking up the sun and sea spray, ordering drinks, and living without a care, as they continued their rot upon the deck boards, however, the walrus can see from his perspective that they are a little less comfortable on the decks these days.    In fact, the penguin point out (as best a penguin can point  ;D) that there are fewer of them on the decks these days, and the more empty lounge chairs on the deck...   Heck, even the shuffle boards are going unused.

Really, you ask?   Can these two ice bourn critters really be so blind as to not see the peril and unable to see waves coming over the rails?   Perhaps not, or perhaps from their perspective, knowing the true hazards of this cruise, they see the foundations of the ship being sured up, and the factors which have allowed her deterioration being mitigated.   

While the good folks here have been diligently tossing buckets of water overboard, and feverishly organizing bucket brigades and rousting slumbering deck dwellers, there have been others who have been busy patching holes and plotting less hazardous courses through the ice fields. 

Appleseed is not the sole effort to save the ship, there are many more.    And while it is often times difficult to see past the bucket in your hand, the ice dwellers can see all the activity on the ship, and can even discern a change in the wake indicating a change in course.   Not enough yet, but changes still the least. 

There is a wave of awakening happening in this country.   The posterity of our forefathers are rousing to the notion of being part of the crew, not just passengers on the ship build for them some 230 years ago.   More and more people are taking ownership of their ship, of their country, and this is manifesting in action being taken.

Ignorance is no longer the course of the day.   The movement to seek out and learn the Foundational Principles of this country has exploded.     A quick look at the New York Times Best Seller list reveals some interesting titles, which are devices to help erode the build up barnacles of ignorance.   Constitution readings and study groups are springing forth, rather than more leaks.   The Hillsdale College series on the Constitution  has had hundreds of thousands of Americans register to participate.   And they have started their Constitution 201 class as well:

There is a growing understanding, awakening, of the peril the country is in, and the people on the deck, in the lounge chairs are increasingly looking for information and answers to the questions of why and how they have found themselves, and their country, in such troubled waters.

Apathy is fading away.    No longer can the troubles faced by the USS America be ignored or overlooked.    The icebergs are indeed becoming clearer, becoming larger, and demanding attention.   They are realizing that the chunks of ice on the deck around them are not from their drinks, but rather from the scraping against the icebergs.   The People of this country are having a much more difficult time concentrating on their shuffleboard games, as the banging and clanging of the hull against the ice flows are commanding their attentions.   

The news tells us that this election is the most "partisan", and the country is the most "divided" than it has been in long time.   Well, this is good news, right?   Sure they make it seem like a negative, but if you consider the fact it was "cooperation" and "getting along", or maybe better stated as inattention of the owners of this ship which has allowed the ill-equipped, or perhaps ill-intentioned crew to run us full speed into the ice field.   So some arguments, discussions, and disagreements on whether the ship continues on course at full speed, or if she is to be slowed down and turned around seems prudent.    In fact, it is essential.   

The choices those on this hazardous cruise are quite distinct and quite opposite.   Do we chart our own course, neglecting the sacrifice, wisdom and urgings of our Founders?  Or do we reference their maps to us, and apply the tools in the ship's tool box, which they supplied to us for just such situations?    There is a large divide in these two courses of action.    That fact that there is a struggle, an argument, is a good thing, because the cooperative spirit on the part of the people (maybe better said the apathetical spirit) has allowed the ship to get as far off course as she it.   

One good indication of this taking place is to look at the various groups and organizations who are taking actions to right the course.   The Tea Party efforts, not only on a federal level, but also on the state level.   There are more and more people who simply say, "something must be done".   No longer "someone will do something".   There is a growing swell of people no longer happy with the current course, and are understanding that if "something must be done", it is they who must do it.   Every state has good, active organizations which takes those who have shed their apathy, and engages them in the process of changing the course.

There has to be a desire to change course, before the tiller is turned, which will turn the rudder, which will turn the ship.   Apathy has been holding the course, but she is losing her deadly grip upon the tiller, and in fact, she seems to be half-hanging out the wheelhouse the amusement of Mr. Walrus and Mrs. Penguin.   O0 ^:)^

Laziness is also being seen less and less at the buffet table.   When the ice field was first in view, he was often bellied up to the all you can eat buffet, getting his fill, then slipping off to the deck chairs.  But now, with ice bergs looking down upon the decks, laziness seems to have slipped away, perhaps to hide. 

People are getting active.   Active in the political process (one of the tools our Founders supplied to us for "ship repair"), active in the education process, active in the awakening processes.   

One fun indication of activity is look at election results, look at legislation introduced, and look at what those running as representatives of the people are saying.   

In 2010, there was a large change in the elected representative bodies in this country.    Not so much on the federal level, though it surely happened there, but on the state levels.    Here there was sweeping change.   This sweeping change resulted in some pretty good legislation being introduced and passed, on the state levels.   Keeping in mind how the system works, the representatives are sent by the owners, to determine the course of the ship (all 300+ million won't quite fit in the wheelhouse  :P)  So the decisions these representatives make, can be seen as a reflection of what the owners are desiring, even demanding.   

One interesting place to look for indicators of where this course is heading, is the Tenth Amendment Center:  Looking over their legislative tracking pages, it is easy to recognize there has been much activity taking place over the last couple of years, and these are in areas of re-establishing the Founding principles in the country.     Now mind you, this is just a sliver of a view, not the whole story.   There are many other such organizations, especially at the state level, where positive changes are taking place, and groups of owners are being effective in repairs and course changes.   

So Mr. Walrus and Mrs. Penguin see some of the positives.   They can see much of the renewed activity of the owners, and the changing of the course of the ship.   They don't delude themselves into thinking that the ship is out of harms way, or even that the course change is good enough.   In fact, from their icy seats, there is still more that must be done, or the really big icebergs are sure to take the USS America to the depths.

You may ask, why the "happy talk" about such a dismal voyage, what does any of this have to do with the bucket in your hand, and stench of the bilge water?   And I say, that there are times when the water level in the bilge must be measured, to determine if it is rising, steady, or going down.   There are times when those who are hauling the heavily ladened buckets to the top decks, to toss the water overboard need to look out and see that the sun is peeking through the clouds, and while there are still icebergs in the water, there is not one right off the bow.    Times when the rapid pace of bailing allows you to miss the other bucket brigades which are forming in the lower levels.   

So while even if you look around and still see unmanned buckets, there are more moving now than previously.   

Appleseed is one effort in the saving of the ship, not THE effort.    But, Appleseed is ONE solution to the problems encountered on the cruise of the USS America.    If the Appleseed buckets get laid down, the walrus and penguin will notice.   

Also, I encourage you to life your head up now and again, and see that every bucket moving is not manned by an Appleseeder.   When you see a fellow bucket hauler, give a nod of appreciation, maybe even exchange an approving word or two.   In fact, maybe ask which deck level they are from, and if Appleseed can help rouse more from that level to take up buckets.   Sometimes word from another deck level will resonate better, or perhaps be more effective in breaking the grips of ignorance, laziness and apathy upon their decks.

The dips in your couch will go away if you get up and take the Seventh Step!


Excellent analysis. And true. The blinders are coming off many peoples eyes. They finally realized the ship was listing to port and decided to pick up a bucket. I've seen this myself in my area. People that just several years ago were in a deep sleep have now awoken to the fact the ship is sinking.

The bucket brigades have indeed formed.

And yup, give a nod to those involved in other ways. And invite them out to an Appleseed.
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Two Wolves

FF, thank you for that insightful and thought provoking post/ er disertation. I managed to get to the port side and as I looked through the only available portal, I could see some blue sky and a few wispy clouds in the shape of FF. ~ Two Wolves
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Nicely written and at least within 6MOA... Thanks be to God that Appleseed is not alone in the struggle to save our Nation.
"This Appleseed thing doesn't look like it would be for everyone, but it really is." Zac, age 7  كافر
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Cal 7.62

Where is the "share" or "like" buttons?  ;)
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Quote from: Cooper on September 18, 2012, 09:59:28 PM
Nicely written and at least within 6MOA... Thanks be to God that Appleseed is not alone in the struggle to save our Nation.

O0 O0

FF, you do have a way of expression!
Remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you: JESUS CHRIST and the AMERICAN ARMED FORCES.
One died for your soul, the other for your freedom-Unk

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FF great article  O0
An example of how things are improving can be found in the CCWS issued and the move toward Constitutional carry in a few venues.
I saw  a survey some time  back from the late 60s where  70% of the US population  belived handguns should be outlawed nationwide .

the 92 election .clinton promised the brady bill -- 20 years later no talk of promoting victim disarmement ,as a campaine pledge . Although 1 candidate did promise a new AW ban . Lets see if that works for him.

apathy, ignorance  and non participation are the true  enemies of freedom .
i am honored to be part of Appleseed where we can pass the hertitage on .
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