Author Topic: Great First LadySeed in Caswell Co NC!! Please Join Us for the Next One!  (Read 1099 times)

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We hosted the first LadySeed this weekend in Caswell Co with the help of Walt & was so inspiring & can't wait until the next one!!
Thanks to Walt, NC Coordinator & Shoot Boss Julie who trekked it all the way from Ohio, you were just A.W.S.M!
Crystal D. Mann
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Thank you "Ratchett"(Julie) and Crystal for an AWESOME Ladyseed!!!  It was grueling but empowering and inspirational!!! Julie was a patient encouraging instructor and brought history to life with passion and insight into the individual lives of men and woman who put their lives on the line for the freedom we have today. (though much of it is now being lost to apathy) I have found my new mission in life and look forward to the next Appleseed in August.  Look out I come!!!
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A time to Pray for America ! You think?