Author Topic: Maybe 4th Fest for next year! Possibly GREAT way to spend donated dollars !!!!!  (Read 229 times)

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Possibly about 3-6 months before Independence day (or an ongoing fund raising project starting ASAP for next years festival) we take donations from members and see if we can afford a sponsorship!!!

America's Got Heroes

 America's Got Heroes Firecracker 4K Celebration Entertainment B-25 Flyover Fireworks Operation Thank You
Take a few moments and imagine what the world would be like if there were no heroes. Our lives would be so much poorer. It's doubtful the United States would even exist. Our history has had heroes since Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Robert Morris and others signed the Declaration of Independence. Every soldier who fought in the Revolutionary War was a hero including George Washington and those 12,000 men who stayed in Valley Forge during the bitter winter of 1778. And down through the past 200 years, our nation has had many heroes; some well known, but many just ordinary citizens.

So, where are the heroes of today? They are all around us. They are the grandfather or the "old man" down the street who served in WWII. They are the men and women who served in Korea, Vietnam and other battles in which we have fought. They are the firemen, doctors and nurses who work protecting and healing us. A hero can be the volunteer fireman who gives up his Friday night to risk his life and save your home or the teachers, coaches and others who help our children. Your neighbor who brings soup to you when you are sick or clears your sidewalk after a heavy winter snow is a hero. The young boy or girl who gives up their time to visit the nursing home, clear a stream or help the homeless are heroes. Our heroes are ordinary citizens who see something that needs done and do it simply because it needs done and they are there. As you can tell, a hero can be almost any one of any age who goes "above and beyond" to help others.

With this perspective, as you look around, you can see that our community is rich with heroes. And, we want to recognize them. With your help, we can do this and show our appreciation to those who have helped to make Central Pennsylvania a better place for you and for all of us. Though heroes rarely want credit or even recognition, we think its important to say "thank you" to them and want to take this opportunity to offer them our appreciation and let the community learn more about the character and the actions of those we call "hero". This is the basis of the "America's Got Heroes" Program. So, look at those around you. Do you see a hero? If so, take the time to fill out our nomination form and let us know about your hero.

America's Got Heroes Parade of Heroes

The Parade of Heroes is a new feature being added to the already well-established day of family-friendly-fun festivities celebrating our nation's birth. The Parade of Heroes is set to begin at 2 PM on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 - in front of the State College Municipal Building. The parade route will travel through downtown State College, across the PSU campus and end at the PSU Law School Building.

The Parade of Heroes is the platform utilized to publicly thank and recognize the heroes of Central Pennsylvania. The heroes selected to participate in the parade will receive a commemorative plaque and be transported individually in vehicles through the parade route with their name's and town's highlighted on banners alongside the vehicle. Nominees not selected to be in the parade will receive honorable mentions and a certificate thanking them for their service to their community and country.

America's Got Heroes Sponsorships

"America's Got Heroes" Parade ($5,000) (limited to 1)

Includes company-provided banner at start of the parade, logo on CDT AGH promotions, name or logo (bold) on sponsor thank you ad, logo on 4thFest website AGH section, promotion at Silver Media package level, opportunity to distribute promotional material to parade participants before the parade, transport in car with signage provided, Fifty (50) VIP Viewing Passes, Fifteen (15) VIP Parking Passes.

"America's Got Heroes" Recognition ($2,500) (limited to 1)

Includes company-provided banner on recognition stage, logo on CDT AGH promotion, name or logo (bold) on sponsor thank you ad, logo on 4thFest website AGH section, promotion at Bronze Media package level, involvement with presentation of awards to heroes, Twenty (20) VIP Viewing Passes, Eight (8) VIP Parking Passes.

"America's Got Heroes" Bracelets ($1,500) (limited to 2)

Includes company name on 2,500 "America's Got Heroes" bracelets, name (bold) on sponsor thank you ad, logo on 4thFest website section, fifteen (15) VIP Viewing Passes, six (6) VIP Parking Passes.

Transportation for Heroes ($500) (maximum of 20)

Includes 2 signs provided by 4thFest (with your name or logo, AGH logo, hero name), your name on sponsor thank you ad, name on 4thFest website AGH section, ten (10) VIP Viewing Passes, four (4) VIP Parking Passes.
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