Author Topic: AAR: Gibsonburg, OH May 26-27  (Read 1269 times)

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AAR: Gibsonburg, OH May 26-27
« on: May 30, 2012, 01:11:58 PM »
Well another great appleseed in the ole Black Swamp !

Saturday promised to be a burner weather wise but fortunately it really never got hot. This helped the everyone go through SHF, 6 steps and NPOA easier. Minds opened and groups gradually got smaller from the 18 on the line with a crew of ever helpful instructors to guide them down the rifleman path Saturday ended without a rifleman but vast improvement and smiles were the result of a good day !

Sunday...yes the the forecast delivered the predicted heat  >:D We went through the paces and tried to keep everyone as cool as can be as the AQT's got hung with care. I have to say the condidtions were tough and we had a number of Jr Shooters who despite the heat stayed and were determined to beat the AQT ! After Lunch we headed to the big 500 and one by one they learned that they had what it took to ring steel at a 1/4 mile ! Ted I think had the biggest smile I have seen in awhile as he abused the silhouette repeatedly with an AR. Jim also commented that it was too easy ! imagine that !. The heat took  it's toll and some left a bit early listening wisely to what their bodies were telling them. Huzzah to those that stayed and survived the 96 degree day ! Chris, Ted, Sqwerl, Jim comeback you are so very close to becoming riflemen. Brian I know that 209 hurts but trust me the 1st AQT you shoot next time you come will be the have it down. The rest dry fire and the gola will be yours. It was a pleasure to work with all of you on a special weekend and an honor to work with such a fine group of instructors. See you next month



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Re: AAR: Gibsonburg, OH May 26-27
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2012, 01:03:40 PM »
A GREAT BIG "Thanks!" to Poster Boy and all you selfless instructors and ITTs, including Miki "Instructor Incognito"! I admire and appreciate all of you so much! It was a great honor and pleasure getting to work with you this weekend.
I really appreciate the time you took with me, Poster Boy, to find a sitting position that works with my 60-yr-old, broken body.
Blair, as in Miamisburg, your insights were right on target (no pun intended) and very helpful!
I didn't fire at this AS as often as I had at the Ladyseed and Miamisburg AS's; but now that I have my own rifle all set up for my body without excruciating neck pain and excessive shadowing in the scope (--Thanks Blake for setting up my scope  :~;
Thanks D for building my stock just right with foam
  ;D !),
I decided to be very patient and wait until I felt I'd aquired my NPOA before pulling the trigger.
Since returning from this shoot, I am really starting to feel the instructions are finally coming together in my head; and it won't be too much longer before they are more consistently translated into proper body alignment and muscle-group firing. My internal feedback is becoming much more accurate as to what is actually taking place and revealed on the targets--the wrong as well as the right. With proper internal feedback, you CAN fix a lot of problems with dryfiring and practice; without it, you're still wandering around in the dark.......
I only scored one of my AQT's as only one was even moderately close to having all stages fired. Even with only part of the shots, it was 111; 1 pt. higher than my Miamisburg best. So I am satisfied----actually I'm totally overcome with the shooting bug. Dryfiring for now, but can't wait to shoot live ammo again!!! Maybe this Sunday out in Powell with Bob......If yes, it will be hard not to  share all I've learned at AS :)), but I think I'll let him experience those "lightbulbs" coming on for himself at an AS. Don't want to chance any marital "instructional disagreements" anyway  !@#) !
To everyone, instructor and participant alike, especially Blake and Miki, your encouragement keeps me motivated toward the Rifleman goal. (My 81-yr-old mom says my AS talk is so infectuous that she's made me promise to take her to an AS in FL where she lives as soon as the cool winter weather comes--and that's a promise I will keep.)
D, Pinky, and Kendic, I hope your kayak trip was not as hot as Columbus was on Monday! UNBEARABLE!
I will be heading back to MT in 2 weeks. Hope to stop at the Decorah, Iowa-Appleseed on June 16-17 on my way. I'll check in with all my OH AS buddies and let you know how it goes if I can make this happen. Otherwise, it will have to be one of the MT ones later this summer.
Hope you like the attachment. If it posts correctly and anyone wants it for anything, just send me a PM. The JPEG is 266 kbs. -Kathe ^:)^

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Re: AAR: Gibsonburg, OH May 26-27
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2012, 01:30:34 PM »
That's a great graphic Kate.  Glad you had a productive and fun shoot in GBurg!
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Re: AAR: Gibsonburg, OH May 26-27
« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2012, 08:48:11 AM »
I agree with MeanStreaker - thanks for sharing the graphic LGK - it's one of my favorite quotes!

Thanks to all the shooters and Instructors at the May edition of the Black Swamp Aapleseed Spa - sweating out the AQTs and learning some history so we can value our heritage.  There's no better way to spend Memorial Day weekend than honoring those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their posterity - whether it was in the Revolutionary War or more recently.

Special thank you to Posterboy for the presentation of the history of Staff Sergeant Roy Benavidez and his heroism and sacrifices for others. I regret that I have never heard that history before, and am grateful that PB presented it on Sunday during one of our morning breaks. Certainly something I won't soon forget.

To all the shooters from the weekend - tremendous progress due to open minds, teachable attitudes and a genuine excitement. Thanks for participating and keep dry firing to hone those skills!

It was awesome to see so many families on the line learning together. I hope you all will join us again at another Appleseed event - there are many more this year throughout the State.

Until then,

Take good care

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Re: AAR: Gibsonburg, OH May 26-27
« Reply #4 on: June 06, 2012, 12:08:33 AM »
Sorry it took me so long to chime in. Busy end of the year stuff at work.

Thanks for the warm Buckeye hospitality once again. It makes me proud to be an adopted Buckeye. (Even if the Tribe beat up on the Kittties AGAIN tonight.)

We sure had fun on the 'girls' end of the line. It was a pleasure meeting and shooting with you all. Ah, the joy of making new friends in the black swamp!

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Re: AAR: Gibsonburg, OH May 26-27
« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2012, 11:34:46 PM »
My turn to chime in!!!!!!

What a great time in Gibsonburg at the Memorial Day Weekend Appleseed. I took my daughter Sammie and her friend Victoria who was a first time shooter and Appleseeder. Sammie is old hat seeing this was about her third AS, but she is out there 7 stepping!!!! Way to go Sammie.

Victoria had a great time and I think was present on the line for every single course of fire for both days!!!!! Huzzah Vickie!!!! :---
She was a little apprehensive about the 500 yard range and the larger caliber tools, but with a little nudge she was sooooo close to hitting steel!!!! Great to have you along Vickie!!!!!

Well it was my first AS as an IIT and I have to say it is a completely different animal. It is very rewarding to see shooters progress in there skill set start to GET IT!!!!!! ~~:)

I'm looking forward to many more opportunities to help bail on the trail!!!!!

Thanks to all my fellow Instructors for making me feel welcome!!!!!    &)

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Re: AAR: Gibsonburg, OH May 26-27
« Reply #6 on: June 10, 2012, 08:40:47 AM »
As usual, all the instructors were TOP NOTCH! A special thanks to POSTERBOY for working with me, calling the shot, helped me concentrate on following thru.
I gotta admit, shooting the BIG Boy rifles on Sunday was COOL! spotting for others was very enjoyable for me, really likes that.
the M1-A  BOOM!  what can I say? very very cool.
I posted a few of the photos I took, of the History portions of the shoot. Hope you all enjoy. 
I will see some of you at the June 23-24-25 shoot at the Black Swamp! 

I am seriously considering a scope.....What say you?

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