Author Topic: AAR Home Education Association of Virginia Convention June 7,8, 9, 2012  (Read 345 times)

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Richmond Virginia, the mission: to spread the word of Appleseed to the home schoolers.  Secondary mission: to make contacts with people receptive to our message who might provide ranges or range contacts or DARs.  After 20+ hours over 3 days, my voice is strained as f I had called the line for 3 days, my feet are sore and I am exhausted.  I passed out approximately 750 trifolds and explained Appleseed (in a 60 second version) more than 500 times.  As expected, the home school crowd are very receptive to our activities and our messeage.  If there was any doubt, these are the people to help grow Appleseed.  These are not our ultimate targets, because it does not take much to get them "off the couch", but they are the people we can reach now to help us grow.  It is a worthwhile exhaustion.  I passed out perhaps 50 business cards to people who want us in their area and have or know of places where we might hold a shoot.  I have 2 working ranges in the state and a third that should come online in December. If 10% of these new contacts come through, it will more than triple our ranges.  Many participants came from other states to this convention and we should have many new shooters seeking Appleseed in Maryland ,Delaware,North Carolina and West Virgina. I got to thank many servicemen  and retirees for their service, including one Marine who had boots on the ground in the USA less than 24 hours after returning from Afganistan.  I am glad we got invited and this should bear fruit for several years.  If I can remember how to post a picture, I will add one.  Too tired to type any more tonight.
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