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Stories of Appleseed Awesomeness

Started by George Hacker, May 06, 2012, 09:45:15 PM

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George Hacker

Shooters, Instructors, and friends of Project Appleseed,

I am working with SPQR on sending out e-mails that tell of the awesomeness of Project Appleseed.  Many of you have witnessed, if not experienced, the amazing things that happen at Project Appleseed events.  If you personally know of a story, or stumbled upon a tidbit in an AAR, please send me a private message and tell me about it.  The story will be written up and from time to time we will mass e-mail the wonderful things Project Appleseed does.

We need your help getting the Appleseed story out to the masses! :sos:

- ShadowMan
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